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[Epub] Full Blood (Wyrd Blood Book 2) (English Edition) Par Donna Augustine –

Full Blood (Wyrd Blood Book 2) (English Edition)One Monster Wants My Soul One Man Wants My Magic Me I Want To Be Left Alone To Live My Life Out Like A Dull, One Of The Lucky People Who Were Born Devoid Of Magic But That Wont Happen Because Being Born A Wyrd Blood Gives Me Two Choices In Life Ruler Or Slave Id Rather Die Than Be A Slave And Im Not Cut Out To Rule Instead Ive Been Hiding Out In The Valley Life Is Pretty Good Here, With Food In My Belly And A Warm Bed To Sleep If I Didnt Get Harassed Constantly By Ryker, The Man Who Wants My Magic, It Might Be Good Enough To Lull Me Into Thinking Life Could Continue On Like This Forever UntiI I Get A Message From Bones, The Monster Who Owns My Soul

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