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[KINDLE] ❄ Best Enemies Author Lynn Emery –

Best EnemiesWhat Do A Dead, Cheating Ex Husband, His Mouthy Pregnant Mistress And A Stripper Have In Common They Re All Members Of Willa Crown S Patched Together Family, And They Re Getting On Her Last Nerve When Willa S Almost Ex Husband, Jack Crown, Is Murdered, She Is Shocked To Learn That He Made Her Executor Of His Estate Willa Discovers That Jack Was Involved In A Business Deal With A Gang, And They Want Their Missing Drug Money More Bad News Willa S Stripper Sister And Son Were Somehow Mixed Up With The Same Gang When Willa S Son Becomes A Suspect In Jack S Murder, She Must Find Out The Truth To Prove He Didn T Kill His Stepfather Jack S Mistress And Willa S Sister Decide To Help Her Fight For Truth, Justice And To Track Down All That Sweet Cash, Of Course.Three Sharp Ladies Will Catch A Murderer, If They Don T Kill Each Other First

    10 thoughts on “[KINDLE] ❄ Best Enemies Author Lynn Emery –

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    I m going to admit that this book took me a little while to get into But once about the half way mark is reached WOW the effort was definetely rewarded Going to say that there is an eclectic, loveable and irksome set of rich characters and the storyline rocket aheads at amazing speed To the point where I nearly missed my stop on the train coming home from work because I simply ...

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    It s rare that I give up on a book but I d passed the half way mark and nothing had really happened except some bad parenting and a lot of attitude.I woke up this morning realising that I have a lot of books to read and that there is no reason on earth why I should be forcing myself to plough through something I m just not relating to or enjoying I m a little concerned about the standard of publishing and proofing to as there are several typos and I m pretty sure I spotte...

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    Reading this book was captivating I did not want to put it down I am from Louisiana and reading books with a story line based on Louisiana small towns cities are exciting to me The Author is one of my favorite...

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    It was a good book I liked it a lot It was a well written book I liked the variety of characters in it.

  5. says:

    This book was a fun read, but there were far too many typos I received this book through Goodreads First Reads.

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    I got this book through Good Reads The book was full of strong and interesting female characters who fought for those they love.

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    This was my introduction to this author and I must say that I am hooked I will definitely read the next two books in the series I really enjoyed the main character and how she was written and I also enjoyed the family dynamic t...

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    Not bad Not bad at all It s decent mystery crime novel, twisted and tangled But maybe I begun it with too much expectations And maybe that s why it took me that long to finish it approximately two weeks which is way too much for me It just didn t man...

  9. says:

    not usually my sort of book but it had me all the way through.I recommend it and enjoyed reading it.

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