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Brief Lives (Penguin Classics)Gentleman Scholar John Aubrey Spent His Life Collecting Anecdotes, Gossip, And Biographical Details About His Contemporaries, And These Biographical Sketches Are The Result A Colorful Evocation Of Poets And Philosophers, Including Francis Bacon, George Herbert, Thomas Hobbes, Philip Sidney, And William Shakespeare Mr William Shakespeare Was Born At Stratford Upon Avon In The County Of Warwick His Father Was A Butcher, And I Have Been Told Heretofore By Some Of The Neighbors, That When He Was A Boy He Exercised His Father S Trade, But When He Killed A Calf He Would Do It In A High Style, And Make A Speech An Unorthodox Approach To The Art Of Biography, Full Of Lively And Witty Detail, These Sketches Are A Singular Portrait Of A Tumultuous Age.

[Download] ➻ Brief Lives (Penguin Classics) ✤ John Aubrey –
  • Paperback
  • 123 pages
  • Brief Lives (Penguin Classics)
  • John Aubrey
  • English
  • 02 September 2018
  • 9781843911616

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    Challenged by its opening sentence in Ruth Scurr s forward If you love English books, you will come, sooner or later, to Brief Lives the vivid, sometimes scurrilous, collection of short biographies that John Aubrey wrote in the last decades of his long life, but failed to publish before his death in 1697 p vii , this book would suggest a kind of reading experience to its readers in terms of some in depth information in which the biographer was interested However, it was written some 300 years ago in his writing style therefore, each Life having unpredictably different lengths would amazingly astound us due to such a length of each entry From its 37 selected biographies in this publication, the first three longest ones in approximate pages are on Thomas Hobbes 19.5 , Francis Bacon 11.5 , and John Milton 7 whereas the first three shortest ones in lines are on Robert Burton 5 , John Colet 7 , and John Cleveland 14.Mr Aubrey has since revealed some peculiar or notable anecdotes for each Life , in ot...

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    Written sometime with anecdotes and probably to amuse himself and friends, this book on some 134 personalities excluding himself covering 108 pages by the editor has since been read and admired by those bibliophiles as well as voracious readers since his name s been off and on mentioned together with those familiar, vaguely known or unknown men women of eminent stature, for instance, the first 15 names with their professions should suffice in the meantime George Abbot Archbishop of CanterburyThomas Allen MathematicianLancelot Andrewes DivineFrancis Bacon, 1st Viscount St Albans Philosopher and statesmanIsaac Barrrow MathematicianFrancis Beaumont and John Fletcher PlaywrightsSir John Birkenhead Poet and journalistSir Henry Blount TravellerEdmund Bonner DivineCaisho Borough n aJames Bovey n aRichard Boyle, 1st Earl of Cork StatesmanThe Hon Robert Boyle Natural philosopher and chemistHenry Briggs MathematicianElizabeth Broughton n aAfter each profession, we would read his her synopsis written by the editor, then the text itself which might be short or long according to his her famous or unique deeds as recorded, informed and referenced by the informants or formal publications However, some might wonder if the biographies in this book are worth reading at all therefore, I d like to tell you on two facts, first, they span a two century timeframe between the 16th and 17th centuries back cover and, two,...

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    Loads of touching and fascinating details about the daily lives of contemporary figures, and anecdotes that bring them to life, like looking through small windows of time into their private lives Any page has something of interest in it We learn that Raleigh, for example, took a pipe of tobacco a little before he went to the s...

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    This was soooo good Lots of fun It makes me want to learn about Elizabethan England As we gossip lovers say, it s juicy I didn t realize how mathematics was all the rage back then It was everyone s hobby Like Suduku for smart people Almost everyone was a clergyman and mathematician There are some neat stories on Phillip Sidney and Edmond Spenser There was also a bawdy tap the bottom story on Aubrey s own grandfather JA s character sketches were vivid but I m not sure how accurate JA is very opinionated and standards for historiography were pretty shaky But that makes it better I especially liked the entry on Dr Harvey of circulation of the blood fame He believed you should not marry a widow as her womb would hold the character of her late husband and all your kids would really be his Kind of like the old story about how if a blooded dog mates with a mongrel all the blooded dog s future pups will be mutts JA himself is amusingly Protestan...

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    There are idiosyncratic books and then there are idiosyncratic books Aubrey s Brief Lives along with Le Grand Meaulnes is the most idiosyncratic book of which I know There are some who would argue for The Anatomy of Melancholy There are those who would nominate others But I think that John Aubrey was born and died within his own head and never absorbed anyone else s criteria for anything Not for biography, not for history, not for memoirs or diaries No John Aubrey, whether he knew it or not, made his own rules And every single one of his miraculous Brief Lives bears the traces of his so terribly individual mental processes To read them is to enter into another world I have to get a new copy every so often because I always give my copy away Keep in mind, though, that no one actually has to shell out money for Aubrey any Free Aubrey is widely available on the net Aubrey s approach to biography which is so different as to truly require the scare quotes permits him to include the vaguest suspicions, the most to some irrelevant details, and the strangest attributions of weird personal ...

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    If John Aubrey were alive today, I imagine it d be fantasticly entertaining to have a conversation with him down at the local watering hole, be it coffeehouse, pub, or disreputable tavern He collected juicy bits of gossip the way some folk hoard stamps or comic books, and this book is a treasure house of anecdotes regarding notable Elizabethan figures You ll read about...

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    John Aubrey was a real hoot.

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    Although abridged, I thoroughly enjoyed both Brian Cox s reading and Aubrey s descriptions of the people of his time I m glad that I started with the abridged because, despite my reasonable familiarity of t...

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    I read this under duress for reasons I d rather not get into Honestly, it was a slog and a slow read Though I did appreciate the humor of Aubrey s observations, and his unique take on what makes for a biographical sketch Overall, I m glad I read it I appreciated ...

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    Another book that hooked me on history another volume read in my grandfather s library, lost after his death, and hunted down for my own library I suspect Terry Pratchett read this when very young, too.

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