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Verruca Music Eight Cuts Gallery Press Presents The Debut Novel By Stuart Estell, Who Lives In Birmingham It Is Absurdist Comedy Of The Very Blackest Kind, Informed By A Love Of James Joyce, Samuel Beckett, Peter Cook And The Goon Show Featuring The Fibonacci Sequence, Floors That Open Up Without Warning, A Powerful Laxative, And A Duvet That Periodically Changes Colour, Verruca Music Charts The Narrator S Emergence From A State Of Fearful Near Immobility Assisted Only By Entertainments Of His Own Devising.

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    suppose for a moment I am sitting here listening to the swish swish of the air conditioner trying to make the air conditioner sound interesting on paper while the eyes of my dog are getting heavy and my eyes are getting heavy and i am wondering why the hell the spicy chinese food is burning my tongue when i love spicy chinese food and why the flip I m trying to write like the book i have just read it s really hard to write without punctuation because my fingers kinda just go there automatically and i end up having to delete all the commas and fullstops andwhatmaking all the pronouns referring to myself into lower case after word automatically changes themosuppose for a moment that people reading this review will not actually understand why i am writing it like this they will think I have totally lost it yesi think they will think i have gone doo lally tap and god knows my heart is sinking to think people are thinking thiswhatswish swishsee that is my brain churning thoughts around amidst the air conditioner hum which is on heat by the waywhatheat as in hot air not that it is ready to jump methis is not the one about the jumper is itno i said jump me not jumperobuy this book and you will see how brilliant this is as all the words just kinda blend together but your mind really does know where to put the pauseshave you quite finishednoit is like a river of letters that flow together yet float separately with the current of your own thoughts a...

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    I feel quite privileged to have read Stuart Estell s little gem of a novel, Verruca Music It is easily something you could read in one sitting, and really you should Due to various circumstances, some of which seemed to be gently echoed throughout the book, it took me a ridiculously long time to read, considering it s only 155 pages long Ironically, much of my time reading it was spent hiding under a duvet, heart sinking In any case, it s a lovely work of experimental fiction Although I know nothing about music theory, the repetition of the text reads like a song, or perhaps even the cyclical nature of obsessive thought patterns and internal dialogues For anybody that s ever suffered from depression, anxiety, addiction, OCD, etc., this book certainly rings true Having said that, it is not dreadfully dark or melancholic On the contrary, I found it deeply amusing, and literally laughed out loud on several occasions I mean, depression can be quite hilarious, right There were also parts that I found strangely poignant and personal, parts that spoke to me like a silent, all knowing nod I was afraid to write any sort of review because I didn t want to pigeon hole it this is just my personal interpretation It s probably not about any of these things I ve mentioned It s one of those books that could leave a thousand different impressions, and really it should I could probably read it again in a year and it would mean something completel...

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    It is absurdist comedy of the very blackest kind, informed by a love of James Joyce, Samuel Beckett, Peter Cook and The Goon Show Featuring the Fibonacci sequence, floors that open up without warning, a powerful laxative, and a duvet that periodically changes colour, Verruca Music charts the narrator s emergence from a state of fearful near immobility...

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    To be read in bed, whilst picking one s feet.

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    The title of this book is not only literal with regards to the subject matter of the book but I feel that in the sense that it also refers to the reading experience For me, the words hold a deliberate rhythm without feeling neither contrived nor forced One could also imagine it was the same for the author in creating this wonderful novel.This tale, and I feel that it is just that, does not let on too much with regards to the narrator s scenario We are told just enough to set the scene and expand it ever so slightly but you can imagine that it could be applicable to a number of situations Part of the charm is this being kept in the dark with regards to superfluous information which would weigh down such a light hearted read By light hearted I mean exactly that This is easy to read but has a dark malevolence always in the shadows For me the scenario eludes to a far da...

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    Music as words, words as music and something else in between.I loved the word interplay, and it did seem to flow in a musical way as I was reading.Go read this, your word life will be the richer for it.Amusing, zany and just downright fun

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