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[BOOKS] ⚡ The Titanics Mummy Author David J.H. Smith –

The Titanics Mummy Insurance Investigator Richard Mallory Is Sent To Recover A Stolen Egyptian Scarab, Taken From A Robbery At Rainsbury Hall The Main Suspect Is Maverick Professor Charles Montacute And His Daughter Jazmine The Chase Ensues, And Mallory Finds Himself Aboard The RMS Titanic, Battling An Ancient Mummy Brought Back To Life For The Sole Purpose Of Wreaking Revenge On Those Who Have Dared To Plunder Egyptian Heritage If Things Were Not Bad Enough, Events Are About To Take A Dramatic Turn, For The Titanic Is Heading For Disaster Below Decks A Fire Rages Out Of Control In The Coal Bunkers, Endangering The Very Ship Itself At Least There Is No Way That Things Could Possibly Get Any Worse

    10 thoughts on “[BOOKS] ⚡ The Titanics Mummy Author David J.H. Smith –

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    The atmosphere of the book feels very much like that of the old hammer horror movies The action itself is fast paced It is a very easy read even if some of the situations might be very predictable.However I thought the repetition of too many then in some action scenes at the beginning of the book could have been avoided Also, to me, Professor Montacute seems to be encountering too many old friends during this adventure, their only purpose being to get the professor out of...

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    A different take on a crime novel which I thoroughly enjoyed Historical fiction and crime in one book makes for a good read.For a longer and honest review check out my blog link in my bio

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    A brilliant mystery with great twists and turns.It s unusual for me to read fiction without any dragons present, but I thoroughly enjoyed enjoyed reading this If you like mystery novels, especially those with an Egyptian or historical twist, give The Titanic s Mummy a read

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    A very entertaining read, factually spot on about the ship.looking forward to the next instalment.

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    Excellent read, keeps you gripped until the bitter end A must read for everyone.

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