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[Reading] ➻ Der Mann von fünfzig Jahren By Johann Wolfgang von Goethe –

Der Mann von fünfzig JahrenArriving At The Family Manor, The Major Scarcely Recognizes His Tall, Elegant Niece As She Rushes Out To Greet Him Surprise Soon Turns To Satisfaction As He Learns That She Has Confessed To Being In Love With Him And He A 50 Year Old Man Instantly Turning His Attention To His Appearance, He Determines To Transform Himself Into A Suitable Lover For A Young Girl But He Must Also Make His Confession To His Son, For Whom His Niece Was Originally Promised Rather Conveniently, However, His Son Has Also Succumbed To Love And With An Older Woman All Would Seem To Be Well Until The New Look Major Meets His Son S Paramour Author Of Faust And The Sorrows Of Young Werther, Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe Is Regarded As The Founder Of Modern German Literature.

[Reading] ➻ Der Mann von fünfzig Jahren By Johann Wolfgang von Goethe –
  • Paperback
  • 112 pages
  • Der Mann von fünfzig Jahren
  • Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  • English
  • 02 February 2018
  • 9781843911005

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    2 and a half stars For a writer that receives as much praise as Goethe, this book was pretty superficial The plot of an older man trying to woo younger women has been seen in numerous works over the years Balzac s Cousin Bette comes to mind But this story never goes anywhere It is not a torturous read, or a bad book I can t say many negative things about it But on the other hand, I can t say many positive things about it If you have nothing else to read,...

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    I love old books and this one was delightful It is funny and characteristic of the times with politeness and verbage aka translation from German The Major a widower, is told by his sister that her daughter is infatuated with him That would be fine if the young lady were available but she is promised to the sister s son The major thinks he can out maneuver the son by assisting him with his infatuation another widow When the son s overtures meet with rebuke he returns home in a state of despair big despair that required the efforts of a doctor to bleed him and take bed rest for an extended period of time In the meantime, the major is off on family business and isn t attentive to his niece so, she become enad with her cousin the one who is disparing Slowly they discover that they are in love whe...

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    This slim volume strikes me as a draft, possibly even for a screenplay, than as a novel in its own right Perhaps that has to do with changing perceptions and uses for the novel over time However the one great tenet so many writing teachers espouse is show don t tell and this is little adhered to here.As part of Goethe s other works and developments of them in relation to each other, the continual working on pieces such as this one over many years, shows how Goethe was working through his own relationships and perspectives of life as he developed the mirror of it through the work as well In this way they are like a living journal than either a diary or an artwork in themselves.This conception of Goethe s writing fits with his studies of the metamorphosis of plants The tendency to develop a particular element within a story, or pull back on it, whether to highlight the inner workings of one character or another, and how to consider the various forces working upon them, all come into play in the multiple streams which coexist even in such a slim volume.Perhaps I would be qualified to comment further if I knew of German literature in the original However, my feeling is that the tendency of Germans for precision that is s...

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    This is an unusual book, coming to us in translation and from a place and time separated from ours by 200 years of unimaginable history And yet, the word pictures that Goethe draws, whether of the 50 year old major consulting an actor friend about use of cosmetic treatments to maintain his youth, or of the moon rising over the wide expanse of frozen flooded fields upon which a young couple ice skate with arms entwined, still have power The foreword by A S Byatt, with the introduction by Andrew Piper, the translator, added much to my being able to appreciate this novella As he notes, Instead of the titanic Goethe, then, here we have one interested in pieces and how they may, or may not, fit together We have one interested in the lost and found, the incompletion and itineraries, at the heart of translation We have ...

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    Rather quick read very reminiscent of some movies I ve seen on TCM

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    Read fall 2005.

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