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Reading ➺ Embrace the Night Author Karen Chance –

Embrace the NightCassie Palmer, Die Toughe Und Sexy Seherin, Und Mircea, Der Meistervampir, Sind Durch Einen Bann Aneinander Gefesselt Sehr Zum Missfallen Cassies Die L Sung Ihres Problems Ein Zauberspruch Aus Einem Alten Grimoire, Dem Codex Merlini Der Ist Allerdings In Der Vergangenheit Verschollen F R Eine Seherin, Die Durch Raum Und Zeit Reisen Kann, Sollte Dies Kein Hindernis Sein Doch Die Suche Verl Uft Anders Als Geplant, Und Cassie Stellt Fest, Dass Nicht Nur Ihre Freiheit, Sondern Das Gef Ge Der Ganzen Welt Auf Dem Spiel Steht.

Reading ➺ Embrace the Night Author Karen Chance –
  • Paperback
  • 464 pages
  • Embrace the Night
  • Karen Chance
  • German
  • 25 May 2019
  • 9783492291866

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    Here s an ouroboros for all you Karen Chance fans.I m too lazy to summarize the book or even really share in depth thoughts right now, so I ll say this I m blowing through this series book after book and the reason why it s so highly entertaining is the huge amount of vivid personality each character has Clear favorite and perfect example Pritkin A shock of pale hair, which as usual was making taunting gestures in the face of gravity, a square jaw, a slightly overlarge nose and furious green eyes The Circle s most famous renegade and my reluctant partner, John Pritkin. a.k.a my one true loveConstantly angry and uptight, ridiculously secretive, and somehow such a deep and massively attractive person Damn I d like to be on his team.And let s not forget how unintentionally hilarious he is when he s riled up I said as much and Pritkin made a noise that in anyone else would have signaled an incipient heart ...

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    Actual Rating 3.5 starsEntertaining.I read the 4 first books of the series in a row Then, I reread them in a row again so I had them fresh to read the 5th one That means that I have them all scrambled in my mind right now, which is why I can t review each of them separately This is a general opinion of the combination of the 5.This series have many elements that make it an entertaining and interesting read It has compelling plots, action, miseries to solve, enemies, romantic tension, magic, friendship, humor, a strong female lead, deaths, attractive men, fantastic creatures, time travel, vampires, and much much Nevertheless, I had a few problems with the books, which prevented me from giving them a higher rating To me these books have way too much action and the scenes are way too long The books are a succession of action after action without rest, no pause to collect our thoughts Due to this huge amount of action the information is dropped in the middle of it, which elongates the scene...

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    We have a problem Pritkin snorted Only one That would be a change The StoryThe plot revolves around Cassie s efforts to break the geis without fulfilling the bond with Mircea First Cassie is the one who doesn t want to consummate it, later Mircea, but their reasons are the same The counterspell is said to be found in the Codex Merlini, the book disappeared centuries ago So Cassie runs through time, space and ley lines to have it Making the quest complicated and dangerous, everyone wants that book Those who don t are willing to do anything to ensure that the codex won t be found ever CharactersThough she is exhausted both physically, magically, and emotionally, Cassie proves that she is upright, collected, and has a strong sense of responsibility She is a smart negotiator and great strategist Now you get the answer to Agnes prophecy without a doubt whether Cassie is the best Pythia ever or the worst.Mircea Finally you get to know him better as his past is revealed As before, he is perceptive, powerful, elegant, and luxuriously hot, so still he is my favorite Mircea in black looked like sin I love Pritkin as well Actually, I m starting to lean towards him Pritkin is such a complex character, but in a consistent way He is still mysterious, but finally you get lots of details about his life, past, and surprising origins Some p...

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    All right This one annoyed me enough to earn a review After reading enough urban fantasy, a reader learns to give leeway to the first book in a series Embrace the Night was the third, and after a promising start in the catacombs of Paris, the narrative rapidly dwindles to sideshows and comedy acts until around chapter 13 Yup, you read right I don t mind humor in a UF novel, but if I want to read chick lit, I ll read chick lit Or perhaps rightly it would be the Lives and Times of a Casino Manager This novel came to a complete halt for what must have been almost two hundred pages, and as if that wasn t enough, the book was littered with the same rookie mistakes we saw from the author in book one.I read entire dialogues devoted to magical trivia like this gem Then it should have been easy to locate, Radella groused The power output alone Come again She gave me a disgusted look Portals don t run on batteries They re rare not only because they re regulated but because few people have a power source capable of handling one What kind of power are we talking about A lot A ley line sink is usually required, although there are talismans capable of opening a short term gateway But they re rare I doubt that vampire had one A ley line what Where two lines cross and pool their energy, Radella said impatiently I blinked at her Ley Lines, she said, very slowly and distinctly You do know...

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    4,5 stars Cassie s adventures according to Billy the ghost Every time you get involved with the vamps, it s a bad thing Billy held up three translucent fingers Tomas Oh, Billy, he s just a sweet street kid who needs a home A sweet street kid who happened to be a master vampire in disguise, who betrayed you and almost got you killed A finger went down Mircea Oh, Billy, I ve known him forever, he s nothing to worry about Until he placed that damn geis on you and maneuvered you into the Pythia thing, that is Another finger folded under, leaving me staring at a rude gesture See why I m a little worried here Now that he said it, Cass has the worst taste in men I love Mircea but that geis thing wasn t cool It serves him right that it backfired on him.So to lift the geis Cassie needs to go back in time to find the famous lost book of spells that everyone else wants While doing that try to avoid being eaten by the incubus king or vaporized by the mages, rescue an old friend, play mother den for a bunch of street kids, and oh yeah meet Merlin Fun week That demon attacked me He only went after Pritkin when he tried to protect me Protect you That s like sending ...

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    4.5 starsI am really enjoying this series Karen Chance starts out every book by tossing you onto a roller coaster somewhere in the middle of the ride There s no sitting down, waiting for the safety bar to be lowered, and then slowly being taken to the top of the first peak You re tossed in right in the midst of the action She then lets you ride it through several peaks, valleys, twists and turns, flipping you upside down, then sideways, then right side up again, and then abruptly tosses you out before the end, and says see you in the next one Leaving you dizzy and a little breathless.But it s a great ride, full of great characters in a whimsical, imaginative setting It s funny, and it s serious It s sexy, and it requires you to pay attention It s near perfect.There is only one thing I don t really like about the series, and it s kind of odd to say I don t like it because it s pretty much what the whole series is about but I m not the biggest fan of this particular theory of time travel I grew comfortable with the time travel that I read about in the Outlander series, or in ...

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    A weeping angel shattered in a crack of gray dust, sending its wings flying off in two directions It took a second for me to realize I wasn t dead, and then I dove for the side of a nearby obelisk Cassandra PalmerMy favorite entry yet Sure I say that about each new addition to this series, but the thing is when I reread the series this title always makes me extra giddy Probably because this is the title that shows just how epic the time travel is Things from the first book flawlessly tie in My Mind Boom Then the sexual tension Ka boom Boom Excuse me while I pick up my brain matter Normally I hate it when authors use the whole, the magic makes them need each other crap Force them to lust Or we only slept with each other because of the spell Blah Blah blah Sure it s part of the geas here, but Chance does an expert job showing that there are some emotions below the surface of the geas that could very well be authentic What I love about a Cassie Palmer book is that there is so much plot You have to pay attention And when you reread them there are so many tidbits you pick up From Gods with secret agendas, Dark Mages, Light Mages AKA the Silver Circle which seems just like a bunch of evil mages , kidnapped kids, a vigilante, a geas gone totally wrong, and soooooooo much Some plot threads get tied up, some start, and some keep going However, Chanc...

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    Wow I think I have whiplash after this one This time travel thing has officially tipped the scales onto the side of too much for my brain In fact, a few things moved into the realm of too much for me in this book But I have to say, I liked it anyway.When the story begins, Cassie is training with Pritkin, trying to learn how to better protect herself from her growing pool of enemies But her number one priority is finding the Codex of Merlin, which may have a counterspell to the geis affecting her and Mircea.The most interesting thing in this book, for me, was the development of the relationship between Cassie and Pritkin They grow closer they move apart she trusts him she loses that trust and it all comes full circle again I think this is the guy that is becoming my front runner for Cassie s HEA But I have to say that his backstory is completely over the top I can t decide which is worse what he is supposed to be or who he is supposed to be Both seem utterly out of left field.The only thing distressing, is the issue of paradoxes brought on by Cassie s constant trips to the past For instance, WHY does the Mircea of two weeks ago not recognize Cassie of the present day from her visits to him back in the 1700s And beyond that, I found that keeping straight the events surrounding the time period of book one, was just too confusing And I only read that book two days ago I can only imagine what a din of conf...

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    Listened to the audioplease excuse spelling errors SoCassie is after the Codex Merlini with Pritkin in order to find the spell to break her bond with the sexy master vampire Mircea While there is still no resolution to this strange love triangle thing these three have going on, there are definitely sexy times than in the previous two books My issue with these books is that although I understand what the plot is, the whole book still feels directionless I know Cass is trying to break the geis with Mircea I know that Pritkin is helping protecting her But I never, ever understand why she makes the moves that she does Why does she have to go back in time forward in time backward in time fight this guy that guy Maybe it s just me, and maybe it s the audiobook versions that are confusing, but at each stopping point, I couldn t tell you what the heck was actually going on in the story other than vague points I could never pick the story back up and remembe...

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    Cassie is becoming less inept and seemingly apt at using her powers the whole is she or isn t she the Pythia is gone, thankfully The rival Pythia adept storyline was annoying to me Anyway This one is all about finding the Codex Merlini because the geis put on Cassie by Mircea and then doubled accidentally by Cassie is now a spell out of cont...

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