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[Reading] ➺ Love and Mrs. Sargent By Virginia Rowans –

Love and Mrs. Sargent Mrs Richard Sargent Respected Widow, Envied Socialite, The Most Widely Read Advice Columnist In America, The Nicest And Most Conservative Woman Around Is Such A Success That Not Only Is She In Talks For Her Own Television Show, But She S Soon To Claim The Jewel Of Her Crown, The Coveted Mother Of The Year Award When A Muckraking Reporter From A Liberal Magazine Spends Several Days In Her Household, However, He Discovers That Mrs Sargent S Two Adult Children Would Prefer Any Mother Other Than Their Own And When The Reporter Moves Into Mrs Sargent S Bedroom, He Discovers She S Anything But Respectable.Love Mrs Sargent Is The Last Of Four Novels Patrick Dennis Wrote Under His Other Pseudonym Of Virginia Rowans.

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    I wasn t surprised to discover, when I checked Eric Myers biography of Patrick Dennis, Uncle Mame, that the story of Love and Mrs Sargent had originally intended for the stage The book reads very much like a novelization of a stage play, with unusual for Dennis an extremely limited cast, distinct acts, and dialogue that reads like a script Love and Mrs Sargent, the last of the four books Dennis wrote under his female pseudonym of Virginia Rowans, works best if it s imagined in the context of the film director Douglas Sirk The novel has all the elements of a Sirk midcentury melodrama I suspect it s no coincidence that it was imagined and written a year after the release of Imitation of Life Like that film, it features a mother who gives her all in order to provide the best for her children, only to have them turn against her As in All that Heaven Allows, it features a torrid and maybe even inappropriate romance between a socialite and a much younger man Despite its comic secondary characters Mrs Flood manages to be bo...

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    I m glad that Sheila Sargent isn t my mother

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