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[Read] ➺ 2013 Oracle ➶ David Carson –

2013 Oracle 2013 Oracle Looks Beyond 2012 With A Powerful Divination System, Including 34 Beautiful Laminated Cards, A Colorful Printed Cenote Cloth To Contain And Focus The Oracular Energies, And An Illustrated Book To Explain And Interpret The Guidance Of The Ancients In Beautiful Artwork By Visionary Artist G Borri And David Carson S Prophetic Interpretations, Users Will Find Answers To Guide Them Through The Uncertainties Ahead Like The Medicine Cards, 2013 Oracle Is Based On The Spiritual Wisdom Of The Native American Ancestors David Carson Introduced Us To Our Power Animals Through That Popular Deck We Can Now Go Deeper Into The Native American Mysteries With The 2013 Oracle This Set, Including A Beautiful Book, Deck And Cloth, Immerses The Seeker In The Rich Lore Of The Mayans And Mound Builders We Access The Cosmology Around Which They Built Cities Of Gold Where They Practiced Highly Advanced Technologies Based On Mathematical And Scientific Knowledge Beyond That Of The Europe Of Their Day, Knowledge We Are Only Now Beginning To Comprehend 2013 Oracle Marries The Sacred Information These Ancient Ones Inscribed For Us With A Divination System That Is A Mirror Of Our Internal Truth The Voice Of The Oracle Speaks Across The Centuries To Lead Us Through The Contradictions Of Our Times A Progression Of New Light The Coming World Will Be As Different From Our Current One As Day Is From Night Ancient American Geometricians And Metaphysicians Left Descriptions Of These Dimensional Shifts To Help Future Generations These Learned Ones Understood That The Evolution Of The Human Was Incomplete And That Our Species Faced Great Wars, Natural Catastrophes And Other Hardships Before Humanitydeveloped The Consciousness To Enter The New Creation 2013 Oracle Is The Ancient Map Left By The Ancestors To Help Us Make A Leap Into Infinite Possibility Their Knowledge Was Sculpted Into Stone And Clay And Laid Out In The Design Of The Cities And Calendars It Was Hidden Within Ritual And Sacrifice Clarity Born From The Light Dimensions Overlap, One With Another, And Exist Within Sacred Time Ancient Peoples Saw The Patterning And Understood The True Measure Of Time Deeply Than Any Modern Culture Time Is A Living Entity Waves Of Time Have Personality And Possibility Over The Centuries, The Numerical Values Twenty And Thirteen Became Highly Important, A Sacred Series Based On The Subtle Energies Of The Cosmos The Sequencing Of Twenty And Thirteen, Or 2013, Is The First Year Of The Spiritizing Of Matter And Time 2013 Is The Dawn Of The New Humanity.

[Read] ➺ 2013 Oracle  ➶ David    Carson –
  • Paperback
  • 208 pages
  • 2013 Oracle
  • David Carson
  • English
  • 04 May 2019
  • 1571781943

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