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[PDF / Epub] ☄ Twentieth Century Literary Criticism: A Reader By David Lodge –

Twentieth Century Literary Criticism: A Reader20th Century Literary Criticism Is A Major Anthology Of Key Representative Works By 50 Leading Modern Literary Critics Before The Structuralist Revolution It Is A Companion Volume To Modern Criticism And Theory Longman 1988 , Also Edited By David Lodge, Which Anthologises Contemporary Criticism As It Has Developed Through Structuralism And Post Structuralist Theory Together These Volumes Provide The Most Comprehensive Survey Available Of Traditional And Radical Literary In Action.

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    This is a must own book for any Literature student at university level These essays have been expertly chosen by David Lodge with almost all of them being classics staples of 20th Century literary thought At the very least I think there is something here for everyone with an interest in literature, and some of these essays can really change and perhaps even mature , so to speak, the way you read and think about texts Lodge s ordering of these with one exception which he recognises is helpfully chronological, often allowing students to get a sense of how literary criticism was finally emerging as an official practice or discipline in this period Abrams Orientation of Critical Theories from his exceptional Mirror and the Lamp is especially great in thinking about some of this These essays are all of a very modest, readable length, and if you re having to choose between 1 hour of lecture and 1 hour of reading I hardly think you can go wrong by spending that hour on properly reading and note taking from any one of these The brief introductions to the writers and their essays by Lodge are generally helpful for contextualising what you ve read are about to read, and can often point you in various directions if you re interested in pursuing a particular essayist or topic It should be noted that these essays as with any criticism you read are often highly persuasive but never gospel You gain the most from a collection like this by reading both with and a...

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    just let me read first

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