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[PDF] The Cult of Pythagoras By Alberto A. Martínez –

The Cult of Pythagoras In This Follow Up To His Popular Science Secrets, Alberto A Mart Nez Discusses Various Popular Myths From The History Of Mathematics That Pythagoras Proved The Hypotenuse Theorem, That Archimedes Figured Out How To Test The Purity Of A Gold Crown While He Was In A Bathtub, That The Golden Ratio Is In Nature And Ancient Architecture, That The Young Galois Created Group Theory The Night Before The Pistol Duel That Killed Him, And Some Stories Are Partly True, Others Are Entirely False, But All Show The Power Of Invention In History Pythagoras Emerges As A Symbol Of The Urge To Conjecture And Fill In The Gaps Of History He Has Been Credited With Fundamental Discoveries In Mathematics And The Sciences, Yet There Is Nearly No Evidence That He Really Contributed Anything To Such Fields At All This Book Asks How Does History Change When We Subtract The Many Small Exaggerations And Interpolations That Writers Have Added For Over Two Thousand Years The Cult Of Pythagoras Is Also About Invention In A Positive Sense Most People View Mathematical Breakthroughs As Discoveries Rather Than Invention Or Creativity, Believing That Mathematics Describes A Realm Of Eternal Ideas But Mathematicians Have Disagreed About What Is Possible And Impossible, About What Counts As A Proof, And Even About The Results Of Certain Operations Was There Ever Invention In The History Of Concepts Such As Zero, Negative Numbers, Imaginary Numbers, Quaternions, Infinity, And Infinitesimals Mart Nez Inspects A Wealth Of Primary Sources, In Several Languages, Over A Span Of Many Centuries By Exploring Disagreements And Ambiguities In The History Of The Elements Of Mathematics, The Cult Of Pythagoras Dispels Myths That Obscure The Actual Origins Of Mathematical Concepts Mart Nez Argues That An Accurate History That Analyzes Myths Reveals Neglected Aspects Of Mathematics That Can Encourage Creativity In Students And Mathematicians.

[PDF] The Cult of Pythagoras  By Alberto A. Martínez –
  • Hardcover
  • 288 pages
  • The Cult of Pythagoras
  • Alberto A. Martínez
  • English
  • 24 November 2019
  • 9780822944188

    10 thoughts on “[PDF] The Cult of Pythagoras By Alberto A. Martínez –

  1. says:

    Another reason I must change my opinion from one that Math is a property of the Universe and is discovered to one that Math is invented The author belabors some points and the title is a bait and switch as the book is about how math is built by consensus and evolves in interpretation I did learn that almost everything everyone says about Pythagoras is made up Also, I was disappointed to find out that claims about the golden ratio are also incredibly overblown Some ideas have ...

  2. says:

    As a middle school and high school math teacher, I thoroughly enjoyed this book as it corrected much of the false information I have been passing onto my students over the years I was a little sad that it wasn t accessible to those that aren t as mathematically minded.

  3. says:

    This book is poorly titled It is about mathematical history and myths around different mathematicians I m really not sure what readership this book is intended for, and I won t recommend it to anybody I could only finish about half before giving up.

  4. says:

    It was interesting, but at times I felt it would have been better if it had been shorter.

  5. says:

    Everyone knows that Pythagoras was an early Greek mathematician, that he proved the Pythagorean theorem, and that he was one of the first to glimpse our modern conception of the world that the universe can be described by numbers Everyone knows this, but is there actually any historical basis to these claims What do we really know about Pythagoras and what he did, and how much of what is taught about him in math classes is actually myth Apparently quite a bit, according to Alberto Martinez The Cult of Pythagoras could have as easily been titled The Myths of Pythagoras Martinez, a historian of science at the University of Texas, Austin, convincingly argues in the first two chapters of this work that the foundation on which we ve built the myth of Pythagoras and his accomplishments is very thin indeed Martinez does what generations of math historians and popularizers of science have failed to do drill down to the source material and examine what ancient authorities actually have to say about the man What he finds is that the earliest accounts are vague, contradictory, and ...

  6. says:

    The history of mathematics sandwiched in between questions of the historical reality of Pythagoras made for great reading and intriguing examination of the myths I confess I passed on to my students in 26 years of teaching Everything I ever thought I knew about mathematical history was called into question, from Gauss s precious abilities to add strings of numbers to the extent to which mathematics is found in nature ar...

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