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[Read] ➼ Historys Strongest Disciple Kenichi Volume 4 ➹ Syun Matsuena –

Historys Strongest Disciple Kenichi Volume 4 The Story Focuses On Kenichi, An Average 16 Year Old High School Student Who Has Been Picked On His Whole Life However, On His First Day Of Class, He Meets And Befriends The Mysterious Transfer Student, Miu F Rinji Driven By His Desire To Become Stronger And To Protect Those Around Him, He Follows Her To Ry Zanpaku, A Dojo Where Those Who Are Truly Strong And Have Mastered Their Arts Gather Ry Zanpaku Comes From The Chinese Story Of Heroes Of The Water Margin Who Train Together At Liangshan After Learning Basics From Miu, Kenichi Is Able To Beat A High Ranking Member Of The School S Karate Club, And Becomes A Target For All The Delinquents In The School Kenichi S Reason For Training Is To Fulfill The Promise He Made To Protect Miu Subsequently, Kenichi S Daily Routine Is Divided Between Hellish Training Under The Six Masters Of Ry Zanpaku, And His Fights Against The Members Of Ragnarok, A Gang That Views Him As Either A Possible Ally Or An Impending Threat To Their Plans.After Defeating Ragnarok, Kenichi Faces A New Enemy Called Yomi, A Group Of Disciples Who Are Each Personally Trained By A Master Of An Even Bigger Organization Rivaling Ry Zanpaku, Yami While The Masters Of Ry Zanpaku Follow The Principle Of Always Sparing Their Opponents Lives Katsujin Ken , The Members Of Yami Believe That Defeating An Opponent Is Valid By Any Means Including Murder Satsujin Ken Caught In The Struggle Between The Two Factions, Kenichi, Miu And Their Ever Growing Team Of Allies Join Forces To Fight The Members Of Yomi, While His Masters Confront The Members Of Yami In A Battle To Decide The Future Of The Martial Arts World.

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    Finalmente Kenichi comincia ad avere qualche amico e un po di confidenza nei propri mezzi.Anche se con Miu le cose sono ancora in altissimo mare, e la struttura gerarchica di Ragnarok si fa pi complessa e pericolosa.

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    I thought it was really funny as well as the characters are great I really enjoy this series.

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    definitely has its cute moments and is a super quick read.

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    Volume 4 begins with Chapter 27 35I ll be back to edit later, but until then happy readings pretties

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    Me ha gustado mucho este manga.Me agradan los personajes, sin duda Apachai Sensei es uno de mis favoritos.

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