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Tigers on the Run (Tigers and Devils, #3) Sequel To Tigerland Young Australian Micah Johnson Is The First AFL Player To Be Out At The Beginning Of His Career Retired Professional Football Player Declan Tyler Mentors Micah, But He Finds It Difficult, As Micah Is Prone To Making Poor Life Choices That Land Him In Trouble Nothing Dec Can T Handle He S Been There, Done That, Times Than He D Like To Admit Being Simon Murray S Partner All These Years Has Dec Quite Experienced In Long Suffering And Mishaps As Usual, Simon Thinks Everything Is Going Along Just Fine Until His Assistant, Coby, Tells Him A Secret Involving An Old Nemesis Simon And Dec S Problems Mash Together, And To Solve Them, They Must Undertake A Thousand Kilometer Round Trip In Which Issues Will Have To Be Sorted Out, Apologies Are Finally Given, And A Runaway Kid Is Retrieved And Returned To His Worried Parents.

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    4.5 stars I love Simon and Dec I had to start off by saying that And it was so good to get another book about them since I thought Tigerland was going to be the last.Tigers on the Run is the third book in the Tigers and Devils series It was so nice to catch up with the characters again and I was so happy when I heard this book was coming out Simon and Dec are one of the couples I will happily follow along for years and years if books come out in this series.Things between these two are good They re a lot solid than they were in the first book They still argue and still disagree, but now they re mature about it and they work through things a lot better most of the time anyway.For the most part I really loved this book It felt so good to catch up with the characters and see how they were doing But there was a part of it that really I could have done without And that was the whole Jasper Brunswick stuff That part of the book really didn t work for me and I would have preferred it not to be in here There s so much history there, I just would have preferred if it had been left alone.Saying that, it didn t really take ...

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    Might contain spoilers We are now another two years or so forward after the second book Simon Murray 32 and Declan Dec Tyler 32 are still going strong talk of marriage though they have to wait until it s legal and there s even talk of kids in the future However, for now, they have news thrown at them, news that doesn t quite make Simon all that happy and there s also Micah Johnson 17 , the first AFL player to be out at the beginning of his career, who Declan mentors Micah is a troubled kid with lots of anger and makes the job hard on Declan who refuses to give up However, that is putting a bit of a strain on his relationship with Simon who doesn t want to see his partner hurt Can they get through this and come out stronger than ever Life continues throwing stuff your way.You just have to make sure you re there to catch it. As far as the story goes, it was alright Again, this series has a habit ...

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    This book is great fun for those of us who fell in love with Simon and Declan in the first book, and adored them in the second In this book, it s eight years since Dec kissed Simon and started them on their path together, and they ve built a solid life together Dec has retired from the intense public crucible of professional sport and moved into broadcasting, and youth sports Simon is also in televised production, with a new assistant and new problems And he s still the same charmingly arty wanker the same funny, literate, melodramatic, silly, loving, accident prone and good hearted narrator as ever.They ve done well balancing their lives, but than one old nemesis is moving into the limelight, and turning attention their way again On top of that, Micah, a young, out, gay 17 year old player whom Dec is mentoring, is facing challenges at school and in the media Micah responds as rationally and calmly as you would expect from an angry and hurt teenager In other words, not at all.Dec and Simon have to balance their own lives and career goals, the renewed scrutiny of reporters, lies and half truths, and the responsibility they feel for Micah The most wonderful things about these books are the warm tone and the real, human, flawed but appealing characters the author creates There is fun and joy and there is pain, there are moments I wanted to smack every single person in here, but th...

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    Tigers on the Run is by far my most favorite Tigers Devils installment for oh so many reasons Here, Simon Murray and Declan Tyler are still stronger than ever on their eight years being together Wow I m getting good at rhyming Simon was still adorably snarky, cynical and sarcastic traits I loved most about his character I laugh out loud and giggled so many times with all of his antics here I just really loved this guy Declan Tyler is still swoon worthy and always the perfect boyfriend These two are totally one of the loveliest couples in the genre.The story was solid proof that their magic s still there and I m sure any fans of the series will enjoy it and won t complain one bit about it There are times that I feel that Simon was right about Declan taking everyone s side except his side but yeah I could relate with Simon because I am a bit cynical at times, so at first I was totally on his side I know this is getting weird but yeah Dec of course wanted the best for Simon, is all I m saying but still tsk.I loved the ...

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    Romantic, funny, and emotionalThe dialogue, the dialogue, the dialogue Ok, I just had to get that out before I kinda burst and things got ugly.Ahem.Now then, to begin As soon as I started reading this, I had that feeling of Oh, how I ve missed Simon and his unique voice , without even really knowing I d been missing him You know how that goes He comes alive through Kennedy s smooth, spot on writing, giving us a front row seat in Simon s heart and mind, both by way of some of the best first person POV you ll ever come across.This is one of those books where you could highlight half of it and feel justified in wanting to share all of the silly, romantic, emotionally meaningful moments between all of these characters Simon and Declan are strong in their relationship, sometimes sailing, sometimes struggling through their conflicts the friendship between them and Fran Roger is one of best portrayals of a group dynamic I ve come across their personalities and interactions with each other are incredibly consistent with the previous two books in this series which I also loved They were early M M reads for me, too the conflicts that still linger between them and Jasper don t even get me started get even complicated, with some surprising twists and the brief familial scenes pack a punch.I give you Roger and Simon As I hugged him, he slapped my back in the manly way a couple of tim...

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    Simon and Declan are finally finally back, stronger and entertaining than ever After a three year break, we re finally holding a new adventure in our hands, a delightful, Aussie flavored, heartfelt and family oriented romance unlike anything I ve ever read.I ve been asked on several occasions to choose my favorite gay romance couple, and it s always been Simon and Dec and also just to be fair Tony and Mac from Kaje Harper s Life Lessons series But the charm of these books lies with than just its two protagonists As a rule, Kennedy portrays realistic, believable, and above all warm characters Eight years after their relationship was forged under extreme pressure, Simon and Declan are still going strong They ve built an amazing life together, a life of tolerance, understanding, patience and genuine affection They have an incredible circle of family and friends and they ve even found ways to bring their very different careers much closer Tigers on the Run offers a new peek into their very ordinary life, under somewhat unusual circumstances Simon faces new drama with his old nemesis, and t...

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    My reaction upon hearing that Sean had written another book in the series 5 Thank God Sean s muse came back stars.I just LOVE and ADORE these guys and their friends The humour, the banter, the silliness, the references to Kylie songs just keep on coming, and even though they really should be trying to grow up by now I mean come on, Roger and Fran are parents for God s sakesome sense is called for, surely , they re just as daft as ever I HATE Jasper Jon and cannot for the life of me understand what Coby sees in him, but there you go, they say love is blind although in this case, it must have been DEAF, DUMB and BLIND.Micah was a particu...

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    This series just keeps getting better with each book That ending was definitely left wide open for a 4th book I want marriage I want kids I want it to here soon LOL Fingers crossed for it all.

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    I totally forgot how much I loved Dec, Simon, Fran, and Roger I mean, I could just sit in a room and listen to them have conversations for hours They are brilliantand by that I mean, Sean Kennedy is brilliant I loved the first two books in this series, but this one is my absolute FAVORITE The dialogue between the characters is just so great I didn t want it to end Simon is as priceless as ever and his feud with his nemesis is fantastic There is nothing like a Jasper Jon vs Simon showdown Dec and Simon are so great together They totally balance each other out And you know what, I don t even care that there is no sex included in the story Seriously folks, like I said, I could just si...

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    It was nice reading about Simon, Declan and the rest of the gang again The whole book is as usual filled with humor, fun and all around craziness THE only issue I have with this book is this whole business with view spoiler Jasper Brunswick hide spoiler

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