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[[ Read ]] ➪ Radiation Safety Author Paul Knapp –

Radiation Safety This Introduction To Radiation Safety Is Intended For Those Who Need To Understand Radiation As Part Of Their Studies Or Work Responsibilities This Includes Those Involved In University Laboratory And Research Positions, Medical Facilities, As Well As Industrial Applications It Presents What Is Meant By Ionizing Radiation, The Different Types Of Radiation Including Alpha, Beta, Neutron, Gamma And X Rays, Sources Of Radiation Including How It Is Produced And Naturally Occurring Sources The Biological Effects Of Radiation On The Body Protective Measures Including Time, Distance, Shielding And A General Overview Of Instrumentation Used To Measure Radiation Dose Rates And Dose As Well As Contamination And Internal Dose Some Common Applications Of Radioactive Materials Are Presented As Well As Example Calculations Of Radioactive Decay And Shielding Calculations.

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