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!!> PDF ✭ Beauty and the Werewolf (San Francisco Wolf Pack, #2) ✩ Author Kristin Miller –

Beauty and the Werewolf (San Francisco Wolf Pack, #2) A Paranormal Category Romance From Entangled S Covet Imprint This Lone Wolf Falls Hardfor His Enemy.Unmated Werewolves Don T Normally Live Past Three Hundred Years Oldand Billionaire Jack MacGrath Is Cutting It Close Sure, He Has Almost Everything The Respect Of His Peers, A Mansion In San Francisco, A Private Jet, And Fast Cars But Without A Mate, Jack S In Trouble Then He Sees Her Gorgeous, Proudand His Enemy.Isabelle Connelly Is Good At Hiding Things From Her Father Like Her Success As A Painter, Or The Incredibly Intense Attraction She Has To Jack MacGrath After All, She S Royalty And Falling For Anyone Lesser To Say Nothing Of A Rival Pack Would Be, Er, Unseemly Now She Must Choose Between Her Duty To Her Family And Her Packor Her Perfect Fated Mate.

!!> PDF ✭ Beauty and the Werewolf (San Francisco Wolf Pack, #2)  ✩ Author Kristin Miller –
  • ebook
  • 223 pages
  • Beauty and the Werewolf (San Francisco Wolf Pack, #2)
  • Kristin Miller
  • 07 October 2019
  • 9781633753068

    10 thoughts on “!!> PDF ✭ Beauty and the Werewolf (San Francisco Wolf Pack, #2) ✩ Author Kristin Miller –

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    Happy Release Week I have read, and really enjoyed, several books by this author I could hardly wait to crack this one open, especially as our heroine is an artist I paint, too, and thought I d really enjoy reading about a fellow artistand shifters Unfortunately, that was not the case here Not every book was written for every reader, and this book proves that for me First, what I liked about the book JackI liked Jack a lot He s a shifter who hasn t found his fated matehis Luminary He s way over 300 years old and the only way he s surviving is massive amounts of adrenaline on a daily basis He s pretty much given up hope of finding his mateand thereby being able to live for another 700 years or so But he s a good guyand he s kept searchingand he isn t a man whore He does good things in the art world Then he touches Isabelle s handand lights flash, electricity zings up his arm and into his heart She s his fated mate Butshe doesn t feel it Jack has about a dozen of the paintings she s looking for they just had a bidding war over one during an auction ...

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    Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyBEAUTY AND THE WEREWOLF is a charming paranormal romance filled with much romantic and family angst It is an even paced story and I enjoyed the werewolf mythos set up in this story One issue I did have was the fact that Isabelle s dad seems to be intent on her marrying someone from her pack regardless of the fact that the mythos sets up that if you don t find your mate you will die after 300 years So he is sentencing is daughter to a shortened life due to his bitterness over who her mate ends up being That s some serious grudge This apparent grudge against Jack s family led me to really not like Isabelle s family since they are not only giving her a death sentence but also Jack a person they don t know at all.I liked the relationship between Jack and Isabelle especially their banter and inner thoughts during the art auctions It s both sweet and funny Though I was baffled over the sheer amount of money each of them are able to spend I swear they each spend a small country s yearly GDP throughout this book I liked Jack as he was an interesting character being so close to death yet is caring enough to be able to still contribute some good to the ...

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    GENRE ParanormalTHEME Romance, FantasyRECEIVED TourBLOG turn into such a softy when it comes paranormal romances they are definitely my kryptonite, especially if they have werewolves This reminded me of a take on Romeo and Juliet, two people from rivaling families who falls for each other, well in this case need each other to survive I loved the werewolf culture that Miller created, and I was able to easily step into this world without having read the first book.Jack is the ultimate alpha, he s over 300 years old and has the respect and money to feel accomplished But being 300 without a mate isn t exactly great, he s a lone wolf and doesn t have much time left if he doesn t find her I loved that he enjoyed art, a swoon worthy thing for a man to have an eye for something beautiful However he doesn t realize he loves the art of a sworn enemy and his true mate I loved the concept behind their connection, plus the great banter Jack has with his enemy Isabelle Connelly The bidding ware against him and Isabelle s painting is just the beginning for them Jack was easy to connect to and I totally would of fallen for him.Isabelle was a bit harder for me to connect too Her persona was a little too stubborn at times but I cant blame her I felt terrible for her because he life has always been about the pack, since she is t...

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    Looking for something short and sweet with werewolves Look no further than BEAUTY AND THE WEREWOLF.Jack is at the end of his life, unless he finds his mate Isabelle loves to paint and wants nothing than to make her father proud of her, but when she heads to San Francisco to find her paintings she ends up falling for the enemy and she isn t quite sure what her father will think of that Both characters were easy to like on their own and I thought the couple had a good connection, but I wasn t totally attached to them like I have been with the previous couples in Miller s stories Also, Jack wasn t actually part of the San Francisco Pack so I thought that was a bit odd BEAUTY AND THE WEREWOLF was an easy read with lots of romantic drama It can definitely be read as a standalone, so don t wor...

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    This was a very enjoyable shifter romance with a unique storyline I liked that Isabelle was an accomplished artist and used her talents to paint werewolves, not shying away from her heritage She has a legacy to carry on as the alpha in waiting for her pack, a responsibility that she doesn t take lightly When she falls in love with Jack, it s a disaster, as he comes from a pack that has a very poor reputation which he is trying to fix and one her father won t approve of Jack is dying, and needs Isabelle to bond with him to save his life, but he is loy...

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    I received a copy of this book to read and review from the publisher via NetGalley All opinions following are my own and I was not compensated for it I enjoyed this werewolf romance I hadn t read the first one, and luckily you do not need to as this can be completely stand alone I won t rehash the plot for you as you can read it from the book summary What I will tell you is that I read this all in one go It s fast paced without feeling rushed, the characters are charming and intriguing and you care what is going on with them right away, and the plot moves along steadily You feel some frustration for the inexplicable rage and hate Isabelle s father has towards ...

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    It was a fun read I liked the story line and all the characters Story flows smoothly and its hard to put it down once you started There are many humorous scenes as well as romantic ones It depicts struggles of a woman who is desperate to get her father s approval, and he is very difficult man to please On the other hand there is Jack, he is fighting to stay alive, ...

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    Review courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick Dirty Feuds, love and werewolves, will they be able to overcome all the obstacles against them.Opening Sentence Painting in the middle of the night wasn t all it cracked up to be The Review Isabelle is an Irish werewolf that secretly paints Her father has cancer and is dying and she wants to round up all her paintings and show him before he passes She learns that Werewolf in Venice is up for auction in San Francisco She makes plans to head that way, trying to be careful as it is MacGrath territory and her father is not welcome there Nor, would he want her to go as there is a long standing feud between the two packs.She ends up in a bidding war with Jack, not knowing at the time that he is a MacGrath He wins when she is distracted by a text message, but she still attempts to buy the painting from him He refuses and she heads to his house later to try again While there they finally shake hands and MacGrath knows immediately she is his mate or Luminary as they are called in the book He doesn t understand when she doesn t seem to react the sa...

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    I can t really work out whether I have a high tolerance for bullshit or whether I just reserve my wrath for the truly dreadful.There was nothing awful about this book Spelling and grammar were good enough to escape notice Nothing the characters did was especially heinous And yet it was bleah.Even worse, I paid 2.36 for this book I know it s not a fortune but honestly it s 2.36 than I would pay for it now.Isabelle is a secret painter She is the heir to the Irish Werewolf pack and her father Alpha doesn t like her wasting her time on painting Her father is dying and she wants him to see her entire oeuvre of work all creatively titled Werewolf in and featuring, wait for it, a werewolf She is trying to track down the final 12 paintings and goes to an auction in San Francisco where she is outbid by Jack MacGrath No one knows that the painter Bella North is really Isabelle Connolly The McGraths and the Connollys have been enemies for decades because the McGraths profiteered from fellow refugees.Jack is 320 years old Without a mate or Luminary as they are call...

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    Jack McGrath is in trouble his time is running out and the answer to his prayers just happens to be his enemy in this tantalizing paranormal romance.Isabelle Connelly is torn between her duty to her family and her perfect fated mate and the reader can t help but be drawn into the story as the pressure builds and forces her to make a choice The attraction between Isabelle and Jack smolders with vibrant intensity throughout the story with some sizzling sex scenes but the emotional turmoil packs quite a punch as the relationship is doomed in the face of traditions and duty which captures the reader s hearts in my case in favor of Jack The characters are strong, compelling and claim the reader s attention from the very beginning while the fast paced, smooth flowing plot captivates readers with lots of suspense, turmoil and romance.The suspenseful situation keeps readers on pins and needles to the very end building lots of excitement throughout the story and has the readers ready to reach into the story and remedy the situation I certainly wouldn t mind being Jack s Luminary, he s suave and has bit of a bad boy air with a heart of gold and I really wanted to hate Isabelle at a couple of points in the story I just...

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