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[BOOKS] ✭ Why the Spider Has Long Legs By Charlotte Guillain –

Why the Spider Has Long Legs This Book Tells The Story Of Why The Spider Has Long Legs, A Traditional African Folk Tale In It, Anansi The Spider Learns That You Usually Have To Work To Get The Things That You Want, And That It Is Never A Good Idea To Be Too Greedy

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    I thought that this story was funny The spider couldn t catch it s own food, so he asked his friends for help catching food Since he asked so many friends to catch food for him, they stretched his legs out because it was all ready at the same time His friends were pulling in all d...

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    Why the Spider Has Long Legs is a good reminder to us that you usually have to work for what you want This story was very, very creative and the illustrations were phenomenal It also shows that you shouldn t be to greedy or you won t get what you want Overall, this was an alright book but probably ...

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    I feel this book has a good message for children It teaches children the lesson of patience, along with teaching them not to spread themselves too thin If you make too many plans, you will be in a bind, because you will...

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    This is an African folktale about a spider who was very hungry He went to see all of his animal friends and left a part of his web with them and they would pull it when food was ready His friends ende...

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    This African Folktale teachers a great lesson at the end of the book, you have to work to get what you want and don t get too greedy Part of the story explains why spiders have long legs and not short ones I really enjoyed the illustrations in this book.

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    It reminded me a lot of the tales of the tricky fox A cute little spider which almost never happens is a little lazy and tries to take advantage of some of his friends for an easy meal A fun story about working hard for children to read It also has wonderful illustrations.

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    This old African folk tale is a great way to teach children about other cultures, and to bring halloween into the classroom.

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    Nancy the Spider shows impatience and would not wait for food The moral of the story is to be patient A nancy is about tricksters

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    This is a cute folktale about why spiders have long legs It teaches that it is never a good idea to be greedy And it also teaches about patience.

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    An African folk tale It has really cute pictures It is also a funny story Really simple story but gives a good lesson.

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