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Swords for Hire Medieval Historical Fantasy Clashes With The Rugged American Western Louis L Amour Meets George R.R Martin Grab Your Sword And Hit The Trail Featuring Exclusive, All New Works From The Worlds Of Teutevar Saga, Tales Of The New World And Legacy Of Ash, Swords For Hire A Frontier Fantasy And Medieval Western Story Anthology Showcases The Undying Spirit Of The American West And The Ageless Allure Of Traditional Fantasy Stoic Mountain Men, Intrepid Gold Hunters, Fierce Creatures, Ruthless Outlaws And Fearless Plains Warriors Come Together In Fast Paced, Page Turning Tales Of Action And Adventure If You Like Fantasy With True Grit In The Style Of Joe Abercrombie S Red Country, Miles Cameron S Traitor Son Cycle And S.M Stirling S Emberverse Series Then Saddle Up And Ride With Swords For Hire CONTENTS Steven W White Goldseeker, A Swords For Hire ExclusiveExcerpt From New World, Tales Of The New World Book 1James Downe Weeping Stone, A Swords For Hire Exclusive Cowards Of The Setting Sun, A Swords For Hire ExclusiveChris Adams Plaincrow, A Swords For Hire ExclusiveDerek Alan Siddoway Way Up North, A Swords For Hire Exclusive Into Exile, A Teutevar Saga Prequel

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    I ll start with my biggest complaint there wasn t The only part of the title I saw was Swords For Hire, so I didn t go into this knowing it was actually a collection of shorter stories I ll break this down into parts by the author.First off, the book opens with a short story called Goldseeker and the first five chapters of New World A Frontier Fantasy Novel, by Steven W White Goldseeker is a nice introduction that, before the real story starts, gives you a brief but entertaining rundown of the setting and elements you can expect to find magic, dragons, untamed wilderness, and a race called vivets, who can be poorly summed up as green forest dwelling halflings We also get a sneak peak of an important character from the book proper Keeping in mind that I wasn t aware this was a collection, I can tell you I was maaad when it cut off after five chapters Luckily, the full book was available for free on , and when I finished that, I went ahead and bought the second My biggest, and pretty much only, real complaint is the seemingly pointless inclusion of new words The names for the cardinal directions stand out the most East and West, Eost and Hest respectivel...

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    I received this Ebook free for an honest review This book has a touch of Game of Thrones and a touch of Lord of the Rings encased throughout for sure I also had a feel for the Dungeons and Dragons novels and there for a moment I felt it was that part in the Never Ending Story You know the part, in the swamp with the wolf Hmmm anywho, I m not a writer by any means but I am an avid reader and this is just my opinion Down side I sooo wanted to throw a five star on this but. If the first five chapters were removed and replaced with a glossary of new words found throughout the book and a map, it would be a five star read Instead of the What is this master.What is that master ugh Plus side Action lovers unit Read this book The book is great but seriously the farther you get into each story the better it gets My personal side note I ve never read anything ever that has described fear the way it was described in this book It changes them Changes their tread, you see Changes their breathin...

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    This is an amazing anthology The various authors have cunningly crafted a compelling fantasy world woven with high sword and sorcery fantasy and the American frontier aesthetic.The newly discovered continent of Mira, where magic doesn t work and familiar American folkloric monsters haunt the forests will feel startlingly real and lived in for residents of the North American continent.A breath of fresh air for ...

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    My biggest complaint about this book is that it has introduced me to a whole bunch of authors that I will now have to my already crowded reading list I enjoyed all of the stories, and can honestly say that I lo...

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    Swords for Hire is an interesting mix of short stories from a few different authors The stories are all set from the mid evil through early America history times with your basic good vs evil story lines.I received a review copy of this book, otherwise, I doubt I would have read it clear through.

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    I enjoyed the stories in the anthology,they were all very well written As a bonus I got three free books,one from Steven White one from Derek Siddoway and also Chris Adams They were a good read.

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