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KINDLE ❁ Batman — Detective Comics, Vol. 3: League of Shadows Author James Tynion IV –

Batman — Detective Comics, Vol. 3: League of ShadowsThe Sweeping New Chapter In Writer James Tynion IV S Acclaimed Saga Featuring A League Of Talented Artists Including Marcio Takara THE FLASH And Christian Duce BATMAN AND ROBIN ETERNAL Is Here, In BATMAN DETECTIVE COMICS VOL 3 LEAGUE OF SHADOWS.Batwoman, An Accomplished Crime Fighter Who S Overcome The Darkest Of Betrayals Clayface, A Reformed Villain Whose Potential Is Eclipsed Only By His Astonishing Powers New Heroes Like Azrael, An Avenging Angel, And Batwing, Whose Incredible Armor Makes Him A True Dark Knight Led By The Batman Himself, This Team Of Guardians Stands Ready To Protect Gotham City.But The Secrets Of The Team S Most Mysterious Member, Cassandra Cain, Are About To Come To Light And That Light Will Cast A Shadow Darker Than Anything They Ve Ever Seen Before.They Thought The League Of Shadows Was Just A Rumor A Secret Society Of Nihilistic Killers Often Whispered About But Never Seen But Now The League Is Here, In Gotham They Re Destroying Batman S Team One By One And Their Sinister Leader, Lady Shiva, Has Come To Reclaim Her Daughter Or Destroy Her.Can Even Batman S Arch Enemy Ra S Al Ghul And His League Of Assassins Stop The Onslaught Or Have The Shadows Come To Stay Find Out In BATMAN DETECTIVE COMICS VOL 3 LEAGUE OF SHADOWS Collects DETECTIVE COMICS 950 956.

KINDLE ❁ Batman — Detective Comics, Vol. 3: League of Shadows Author James Tynion IV –
  • Paperback
  • 184 pages
  • Batman — Detective Comics, Vol. 3: League of Shadows
  • James Tynion IV
  • English
  • 14 June 2019
  • 9781401276096

    10 thoughts on “KINDLE ❁ Batman — Detective Comics, Vol. 3: League of Shadows Author James Tynion IV –

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    This is right around a 3.5 I think Detective Comics remains engaging and fun throughout it s series run though the best part is still the first arc for me This one brings in the league of shadows For some odd reason Batman believes they aren t real Then we find out why he believes that Then we have some side story with Batwing and Clayface which is entertaining but feels like a afterthought The main event is Cassandra and her life as Orphan What I liked Anything to do with Cass is GREAT The moments of quietness for the character really help grow her I also love any fight scenes with her because she s the most vicious fighter on the team Add on the fact her relationship with different people is always interesting I also like Batwomen alot in here, she came across most relatable here Also thought Clayface was adorable here, as he is becoming one of my favorite characters What I didn t like Batman s plot felt uneven I also felt Batman was kind of dumb Li...

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    Received an ARC review via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review 4.5 stars So, this volume centers around Rebirth Cassandra Cain and her meeting with Shiva So, I ll get the negatives out of the way upfront 1 This is not my favorite art Something about it just isn t as pleasing to the eye, to me 2 I m still majorly bummed that this version of Cass is not Bruce s daughter This version of Bruce is wary of her and she chose to name herself after David Cain, something Cass would never do because her father was an abusive prick Sigh 3 All of Cass portions are told through narratives and boxes because she barely speaks because they regressed her While I liked the choice to use movement and art to tell her story, i m still not pleased with these choices as a whole 4 There s another fade to black scene when Shiva s fighting Why Onward I loved that they gave us of Cassie and ballet I loved her sneaking into the studio to learn and watch the dancers She s fascinated by people using body language to create art and not pain I also loved Cass using the dance moves to inspire her fighting style It was heartbreaking to see Cass unable to communicate with Harper even though she so badly wants to This friendship remains interesting to me I liked seeing Bruce s proud ...

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    The League of Shadows comes to town with Lady Shiva in charge and is looking to destroy Gotham The League s plot to sow discord with Gotham was very interesting However it soon devolved into the plot of Dark Knight Rises The focus on Orphan was great Making her fascinated with ballet makes complete sense A genius idea I d love to see her become Batgirl again Hipster Batgirl Barbara Gordon grates on my nerves.The art on this book was OK to subpar at best and didn t mesh together well at all Even the coloring had glaring changes with each different art team Marcio Takara s art was particularly awful This was one of my fears with DC going to a biweekly schedule on its bigger titles Artists wouldn t be able to keep up and the art would suffer.Received a review copy from DC and NetGal...

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    3.5 World The art is dark and brooding and it does work well for a Batman book, that being said I did find it a bit too muddy during action sequences to really see what was going on The world building is solid, it comes from all the Batman books and the past which is good cause I guess that stuff all happened even in the New52 The focus in characters is also great The pieces at play and the larger picture really makes a good stage for future books Story Paced alright but I did find the dialogue a bit much and sometimes fairly redundant I also found the emotions to be a bit fragmented and unearned especially the ballerina stuff I love that this is a Cassandra story, she s important to Batman lore and her run in the 2000s was great and it was such a shame of what happened to her during the New52 This is the new origin and her being still tied to Shiva is perfect Tying use League of Shadows even better The cast was a but too big though as I ve found with this book so I think time with Cass and Shiva would have been better The end was good leaving the stage set for Solid, this teams best arc yet Characters I love Cass and her story and her struggles and I wish we h...

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    There was a time when i d have given League of Shadows a generous three star rating and hoped that the next volume would be better, but that was before I grew tired of poor fill in artwork, particularly on flagship titles such as Detective Comics I mean no disrespect to Christian Duce or Marcio Takara they both draw better than I ever could and I appreciate that fill ins are necessary on the comics that DC release twice a month However, neither of those points change the fact that this pricey collection 17.99 here in the UK just wasn t worth the money and their artwork was a big reason why.I did enjoy Fernando Blanco s pages yes, the fill in artists needed a fill in and were outshone by him and Marcelo Maiolo colours the hell out of the last few issues Tynion IV s story also has it s moments usually the ones with Lady Shiva and Cassandra Cain , but is neither as enjoyable or compelling as the first two I enjoyed Rise of the Batmen and The Victim Syndicate to the point that I almost completely overlooked their flaws, but that just wasn t possible with League of Shadows.Both of the main art teams return at the end, but only for a couple of short teasers Their work looks amazing, but i m not sure which I care about less, the Azrael story for the next volume or the Dark Days lead in forT...

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    I realized today how very behind I am in all things Rebirth when I sat down to read the latest Super Sons event and found myself missing quite a bit of context So it seemed like it was time to start playing catch up, so here I am, beginning with Detective Comics Volume 3 I wasn t a big fan of the last volume, and I wasn t really a big fan of this one either Something really fractured with the loss of Tim at the end of the first volume, and I don t think the book has ever really recovered from that The team doesn t really act like a team, and it s easy to forget about certain members It s a shame, because I did really enjoy the first volume Cass is the star of the show in this volume, which was one of the pros The first issue with her dancing was a clear stand out, and was probably the best full issue in the book The plots with the two evil leagues, thoughnot so much I do like Cass a lot and I liked some of the points made about her here, but the story where she learns the truth about Shiva wasn t very interesting to me because I already knew Shiva...

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    Read as single issues Here they come to wreck the day town entire Bat family it s the League Of Shadows This six part story brings the League of Shadows as well as their illusive leader Lady Shiva to Gotham, and then it s up to the Tec team, including new member Luke Fox, to get them the hell out of dodge Of course, the fact that Shiva could potentially be Cassandra s mother complicates matters, as does the re emergence of the Colony Oh, and there s Ra s Al Ghul to deal with too This arc is busy.And yet, this still remains the most consistent and most enjoyable Rebirth book that I m reading The characterization is always on point, every character gets time to do something awesome, and there are multiple storylines at play all at once this is what happens when you give a creator a book for a long term project, and allow them to seed ideas early on that don t come to fruition until later Th...

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    You can find my review on my blog by clicking here.If I had to bet money on the Batman related Rebirth series that would thrive first between James Tynion IV s Detective Comics run and Tom King s Batman run, I would ve thought Tynion IV was on track to delivering the better content While his run is still highly entertaining and generally much intriguing than what Tom King has to offer, there just seems to be roof that his run can t seem to burst out off in order to place a mind blowing story arc out in the market Batman Detective Comics Volume 3 League of Shadows is the third main story arc by James Tynion IV within the Rebirth era Collecting issues 950 to 956, the story explores one of the most well known group of villains within the Batman universe the league of shadows Unfortunately, this secret organization remains a myth to the eyes of most individuals until now Presenting us a rabid introduction of the league of shadows, James Tynion IV also places Cassandra Cain, also known as Orphan, at center stage and dives into her origin story with sheer brutality.Giving Orphan a voice was probably the best story telling decision in this arc For those of you who don t already know, Orphan is not exactly a character that says a lot Most of her dialogues are just a word or two long To compensate for her lack of c...

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    This volume primarily focuses on Orphan, Cassandra Cain, the daughter of David Cain and Lady Shiva There s a lot of character work here I actually liked the opening issue with Cassandra admiring a very talented ballet dancer who expresses herself through dance There s a great dynamic between the two that plays out nicely over the course of the book, especially at the end I m glad to see Ra s al Ghul in this volume and see how he plays out in the story This book primarily centers around Lady Shiva coming to Gotham to destroy it so that the world can move toward a utopia.hey, wait a minutewasn t this the basic plot of The Dark Knight Rises And Shiva even has a nuclear bomb WTF I guess Tynion really liked DKR Well, that s okay, so did I This all sounds great, but there are a few things I did not like at all about this book Batman is supposed to be the best martial artist in the DC Universe NOT Shiva NOT Cassandra Cain Tynion REALLY makes Shiva and Cain way overpowered and makes Batman drastically underpowered I mean, what the hell is with Batman admitting that he d lose if he and Cassandra ever fought for real Well, he shouldn t I was mostly disgusted by the fact that Batman seems to be turned into an almost beta male cuck here He does kick ass at some points, but this is his book Even if the story focuses on one of his teammates, at least have Batman be an important deciding factor in the victory at the end There s some great character work between Clayface and Cain There s als...

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    I m still on the fence about this Rebirth title, but I keeping reading because it s Batman, you know Well, Batman and his extended vigilante Bat family, anyway.This time around the spotlight is mostly on Cassandra Cain, and she s the one ...

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