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[Epub] Trinity, Vol. 2: Dead Space By Francis Manapul –

Trinity, Vol. 2: Dead SpaceBatman, Superman And Wonder Woman The Superheroes Known As The Trinity Have Gone Through A Lot In The Aftermath Of The DC Rebirth Epic Event But Now The Bonds Of Their Friendship Are Tested Like Never Before, As They Must Let Their Closest Allies Die In Order To Save The World An Emergency Summons To The Justice League Watchtower Puts The Icons Face To Face With An Unexpected Crisis The Other Members Of The League Have Been Infected With A Fatal Alien Virus That Will Destroy All Humankindunless The Trinity Destroys The Watchtower, And The Justice League Along With It Plus, The Revelations Of Superman Reborn Require Batman And Wonder Woman To Give Their All To Save Superman From His Doubts About His Very Existence And A Trinity Of Villains Lex Luthor, Ra S Al Ghul And Circe Concoct A Scheme To Use The Mysterious Pandora Pits To Put An End To The World S Greatest Heroes.Best Selling Writer Artist Francis Manapul THE FLASH Is Joined By Writer Cullen Bunn And Artists Clay Mann And Emanuela Lupacchino In TRINITY VOL 2 DEAD SPACE Collects TRINITY 7 11

[Epub] Trinity, Vol. 2: Dead Space By Francis Manapul –
  • Hardcover
  • 128 pages
  • Trinity, Vol. 2: Dead Space
  • Francis Manapul
  • English
  • 12 December 2018
  • 9781401274672

    10 thoughts on “[Epub] Trinity, Vol. 2: Dead Space By Francis Manapul –

  1. says:

    First we get a couple of fill in issues by Cullen Bunn The first one sets up a Dark Trinity which was OK, although Lex Luther s characterization felt way off from how he s being portrayed in the other Superman books, here he s back to being a maniacal villain who hates aliens Then we get a pointless Superman Reborn issue that s just confusing and doesn t add anything to the rest of that story Basically DC just needed some filler for that month.Then Francis Manapul comes back for a three issue arc that I quite enjoyed Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman get called to the Watchtower where aliens have taken over the members of the JL Now they have to get to the bottom of what happened and stop the damaged base from crashing to the Earth and spreading the infecti...

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    This book collects issues 7 11 of Trinity, the comic featuring Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman.Issue 7 doesn t feature our heroes at all but rather some of their most noted villains Ra s al Ghul, Circe and Lex Luthor they meet somewhere and talk and set up a story several issues down the line.Issue 8 is a one shot in the aftermath of Superman Rebirth that is a very talky story between our heroes.The final three issues find them on the Watchtower where mind controlling aliens have taken over the other Justice Leaguers and another who was carrying them says the only solution is to destroy...

  3. says:

    Read as single issues Collecting some one and done issues as well as the titular Dead Space arc, the second volume of Trinity isn t quite as focused as the first, but it s darn pretty to look at.We open with an issue that actually teases the next arc by Rob Williams the idea of having an evil Trinity to combat the heroic one is good, but they don t last long enough to really have an impact Then there s a Superman Reborn tie in issue which is decent enough, showing how the Trinity deal with the fact that Superman s changed again , but this again feels like filler.Dead Space itself is a bit too complicated for the three issues ...

  4. says:

    I hated it First there s this dark trinity Manufactured would be an understatement Then some nonsensical business about duplicates and multiverse versions of the trinity No story whatsoever Yawn Then suddenly the Watchtower has been taken over and Cyborg is dying No characterization beyond the barest of bare bones Fighting Surprise twist about which I couldn t have c...

  5. says:

    A little step back 3.5 World The art for this series has been so far fantastic I love Manapul and the framing that he does It s so heroic I love it The world building here is also very solid The dark Trinity is awesome and really builds towards something that will be fun The prices of the world used for the Watchtower is also good giving us a larger grander sense that these three fit into the greater post Rebirth DCU Good stuff Story The dark Trinity issue was great, interesting banter and wonderful art, I look forward for of this trio The Reborn tie in was alright but didn t really do much but set up for Oz The splash page of all the versions of the Trinity was great though The Dead Space story was solid, it was not super creative or memorable but it was fun with great art Each member acted like they were supposed to and tell story with all the cameos was fun Characters Little snippets of cha...

  6. says:

    Volume 2 is a little all over the place and Manapul, who is probably my favorite artist working in comics right now, has such a unique style that it s jarring when other artists have to colaborate with him as they di...

  7. says:

    Slight but colorful and entertaining.

  8. says:

    I m in love with both Manapul s characterizations of the Trinity and his fantastic artwork

  9. says:

    Basic plot We get hints as to shenanigans involving a dark trinity, then our trinity helps save the Justice League from an alien threat.I love the teases about plots to come, but I am so darned curious about where they are going I did enjoy the story about the alien infection of the Watchtow...

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    Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman an unlikely friendship that packs a punch These are all characters who take their gifts and their talents and use them for the good of others and the protection of innocents but they all do it in very different ways The end result is a partnership that s both strange, but also strangely perfect The respect and camaraderie that come from these three characters practically leaps off the page, and the stories in this particular volume gave us, not only that, but some pretty awesome action, too I m going to focus on the main story arc Dead Space , but I want to touch briefly on the other two tales Superman confiding in Batman and Wonder Woman about the New 52 version of himself in his dreams and how that reality and life is being lost Not that he completely understands that s what s going on, but still It actually made me feel sorry for New 52 Superman for a moment, at least Sorry, I just really couldn t stand that take on the Man of Steel I liked how this story continue to open up the idea of other realities, not just for Superman, but for all of the DC characters, as that s something that obviously is playing a big role in the Rebirth arc as a whole, across titles This tie in was nicely done, and just continues to increase my curiosity about how it s all going to come together The other story about Lex Luthor, Circe, and Ra s al Ghul finding s...

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