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!!> EPUB ❃ A Heart to Call Home ✾ Author Jeannie Levig –

A Heart to Call Home Dakota Scott Has Spent Her Entire Adult Life Trying To Outrun Her Past, But Even The Privilege And Reputation Her Family Name Affords Her Haven T Helped Her Forget Her Mother S Mental Illness And The Memory Of The Night That Haunts Her From So Long Ago Won T Release Her When The One Woman With The Power To Set Her Free Shows Up, Dakota Is Drawn To Her, But She Is A Painful Reminder Of Everything Dakota Has Been Trying Desperately To Escape When Jessie Weldon Returns To Her Hometown After Thirty Years Of Avoiding It, She Knows She Has Demons To Face And A Conflicted Past To Resolve, But She Has No Idea Love Awaits Her Can She Give Her Heart To Dakota With The Tragic Past That Lies Between Them Cover Artist Tammy SedickGenres Contemporary Romance

!!> EPUB ❃ A Heart to Call Home  ✾ Author Jeannie Levig –
  • ebook
  • 257 pages
  • A Heart to Call Home
  • Jeannie Levig
  • English
  • 07 July 2019
  • 9781635550603

    10 thoughts on “!!> EPUB ❃ A Heart to Call Home ✾ Author Jeannie Levig –

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    I have had such an up and down reader relationship with Levig I disliked Threads of the Heart, loved Embracing the Dawn, and was blah about Into Thin Air I had my fingers crossed I would be going back up with this book I m happy to say this was a good read I did not love it like Embracing the Dawn, but this is definitely Levig s second best book.I was very impressed by the slower pace of this book This is a story about two women dealing with a tragic life altering event This book would not have worked it Levig went the insta love way The romance is slow moving I would almost call this of a drama than a romance The two characters connected because of shared pain, but it still realistically bonded them anyway It may not be the healthiest way to start a relationship, but I bought it and wanted them to be together And when they did come together it was pretty steamy All the sex scenes were really well done.The two mains in this story are teachers I really enjoyed those aspects of the book I liked all the scenes with the high school kids, and am always impressed when an author can make day to day jobs interesting Also the setting of the small town just worked for me.I had one big problem with this book, and that was the end I really was thinking hard th...

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    Book received from Netgalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest reviewNot an easy read by a long shot but the story is compelling and the characters drew me in Jessie Weldon returns to her hometown after her marriage ends knowing that many of the issues that contributed to the breakdown can only be resolved by facing her past She gets a substitute teaching job at her old high school only to come face to face with Coach Dakota Scott, not only her childhood crush but also the person partly responsible for her leaving Dakota has weathered what people have whispered about her, but she herself will never forget.Both characters are older women who know that so many of their questions can only be answered by each other at the risk of delving into a can of worms Added to which is their attraction for each other complicating things further Jessie and Dakota are likeable, which always makes reading enjoyable for me, with forgivable human failings L...

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    Jeannie Levig knows how to develop a character She weaves her story around her protagonists and draws you right into the amazingness of her stories I m never sure where I am going to go, what I ll read and I can never predict the ending Levig keeps me guessing throughout the whole book and I love her for it Romance tends to follow formulas, that s just how it goes in this genre, but Levig definitely doesn t play by the rule and loves to add a curveball here and there My goodness, I adore that about her writing Jessie Weldon returns to her hometown after spending two decades away The ending of her marriage forces her to accept that she needs to go back and face the demons of her childhood Jessie accepts a temporary teaching position at the local high school She has all but accepted the fate that she will have to face her former crush and the source of a lot of pain, Coach Dakota Scott Dakota comes from the wealthiest family in the town Townspeople believe the Scott s are above the rest and their money can buy them out of anything, even murder Yeah, the plot thickens What most people don t know is that it s not all it s cracked up to be a Scott Most folks don t know that the Scott matriarch, Dakota s mother, has schizophrenia This fact has left scars than anyone can ever imagine and hold...

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    Oh I fell in love with this one It s been a while since I ve such unbelievable chemistry between the 2 main characters

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    It is difficult for me to make a review of this book without spoil some important parts of the story, so I ll stick to the feelings it has brought to me This has been a tear jerking, breathtaking at times, soulful, emotional story that it has been hard for me to stop reading The story may not be completely original, the subject may have been read in other books, but in this case it has some aspects that make it interesting from my point of view The main aspect for this has been that the drama that underlies due to past events has not been augmented by the discoveries and confessions of today That would have been too dramatic So we are talking about a drama, yes, but about the relationship between two women united by a past that has been following them to the present and that with their relationship they try to leave behind.Both women are willing to face the facts, the truths, the feelings provoked by the tragedy that happened to them in the past Once they discover who they are for each other, basically the discovering is for Dakota no so much for Jessie, they do not hide or try to deceive one another or themselves And when, in spite of everyth...

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    A Heart to Call Home is beautifully written It has so much angst and tension that works well alongside the chemistry and pull between Jessie and Dakota Even though I knew it s a romance and that they would have a happily ever after, th...

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    4 4.5 starsTwo women cindered by grief and guilt find romance when they deal with their past.Dakota Scott has been trying to avoid her painful past Privilege and wealth haven t protected her from a mother with a mental illness, and a fatal accident when she was a teenager The small town gossip is still rife, even though she is now a coach at the local high school Jessie Weldon returns to her hometown to reconnect with her remaining family After losing so many of them when she was younger, the grief is still present She knows she has to come home to face her past, but can she face the person to blame for so much pain And if Dakota is to blame, how does Jessie reconcile her intense attraction to her This is a well written romance by Levig The two main characters show some depth and resilience in the face of their own personal tragedies, and find a way to be open with themselves and each other It s interesting to see how drama can be written coming from a place of pain from the past, rather than miscommunication, or deliberate misdirection from a character It seems authentic to have the tension developed from the characters past, and I liked it as a result.Levig also generated quite a bit of heat between the two main characters, and that made sense in the connection they had, as a driver to resolve some of the emotional issues between them It was interesting to see attraction as a driver to emotio...

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    This book was EVERYTHING Another new author for me it definitely will be the first of many books I hope to read by this author because she s fantastic Jessie returns home after years away, to reconnect with the only family she has left, and to heal old wounds She takes a job as a supply teacher at the local high school where she runs into Dakota, once her pre teen crush and now a gym teacher at the same school Dakota has been living with the weight of a tragedy, followed by years of small town gossip When she meets Jessie, she believes that she has a fresh start with a woman who is new to town, and who doesn t know her history But Jessie is only too familiar with that tragedy Will the two women be able to let go of that pain Will their attraction and their feelings for each other be stronger than the pain I loved every single detail in this book I loved the small town vibes I loved Dakota s family I loved Jessie s relationship with Curtis I loved Jessie working with the kids at school So many feel good, warm fuzzies But all that sweetness was perfectly balanced with a healthy dose of angst My favourite combination Jessie and Dakota deal with a lot of old hurt and open wounds The author handled it really well, with compassion, and it was well crafted to show the evolution of their relationship and with the two ladies finally battling and winning against their inner demons My god, the sex scenes were brilliant, intimate, and emotional The combination of raw emotion and grief an...

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    ARC received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I m not really sure how I feel about this one It s another book I tried on my find new authors kick It s very well written and the characters are somewhat well fleshed out I say somewhat because most of the character development and the plot focuses on the tragedy that defines both characters Jessie and Dakota s lives have both been marked by a pivotal event and they are drawn to each other both because of and in spite of it I was conflicted throughout the story though, because the romance seemed like a very drawn out therapy session at times than two people falling for each other It seemed like every conversation they had revolved around either their students, the shared incident, or their crappy childhoods There were very few conversations between them about other interests, other events, other people I did like the sub plot with the students, and how Dakota ended up redeeming herself there, although Jackie did come of a little like a paragon of virtue As for the romance itself, Jessie had always crushed on Dakota, and I ...

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    A great heartwarming story This story has everything for me a past that raises many questions, plenty of emotions, bumps on the road, a growing friendship, a chance on love and the story takes place in a small town where everybody knows each others s business The story was well written, great ...

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