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[Ebook] ↠ Mildred in Disguise with Diamonds (Mildred Unchained #1) Author Toni Kief –

Mildred in Disguise with Diamonds (Mildred Unchained #1) Toni Kief, Author Of Old Baggage, Is Excited To Introduce A New Work Of Fiction And Another Feisty Older Woman, Mildred Petrie Mildred Petrie Expected A Comfortable Retirement Except Her Husband Died And His Secrets Changed Everything Desperate, She Takes The Only Job Available At The Local Gambling Palace Undercover Security Drug Deals, Armed Robbery And A Mole Catapult Her Into Excitement, Danger, And Disguise Only Mildred Can Find The Truth A Breathless, Page Turner, In Sensible Shoes

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    As an author and editor, I seldom have time to indulge in my favorite pastime reading, so when I do finally get a bit of time to pick up a read, I want it to be good Mildred In Disguise With Diamonds did not disappoint In fact, I couldn t put it down.I fell in love with Mildred, and actually saw some of myself in her This is the mark of a good author When a character is so well developed that you begin to identif...

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    Hits the Jackpot The odds are in favor for potential readers taking a gamble on Mildred in Disguise with Diamonds, Toni Kief s first Mildred Petrie book, and mercifully not the last, in the genre of Women s Fiction Adventure and Mystery Crime Suspense Widowed at 71 and unable to make ends meet due to her husband s exorbitant gambling debts, Mildred applies for a job at the Ivory Winds Casino ironic, but conveniently close to the one bedroom condo she lives in Thinking it d be nice to get hired as a cashier or money counter, her police background qualifies this septuagenarian for undercover security.In disguise, Mildred G ma makes her rounds at Ivory Winds Is she Delilah Hopper, Oliver Brimstone, or Bambi Hunter, while taking advantage of the free buffet Double oh Seventy One is a hoot you ll want to tag along with on every action filled page Mildred s in...

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    Toni Kief is defining the Older Adult genre Mildred is older, but far from done She uses her wisdom, her well honed detective skills, and her undefeatable sense of humor to help expose the dangers of gambling She trades a life of quiet retirement for the excitement of undercover detective work and put herself in harms way to catch t...

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    Cheers to Toni Kief for introducing us to Mildred, a pragmatic, interesting, and creative character that readers will easily take to their hearts This unique and well written story was a delightful read.

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    This is the second book I ve read by this author As with the first, her main character is a rather feisty woman of advanced years and I found myself chuckling than once at Mildred s obsession with having her meals on time.Having to find employment after the death of her husband leaves her in unexpected financial hardship, Mildred winds up in the unlikely role of undercover security at the local casino Quickly finding her feet, she soon relishes the excitement and independence her new position brings, enjoying the camaraderie of her new colleagues However, danger is lurking just around the corner for Mildred and from then on it s all breakneck action and tension.I really enjoyed this book, mostly for the character of Mildred who is endearing and very relatable, but also for the casino itself Appearing almost like a mini world of its own, it was fascinating to read all the behind the scenes info.The author writes well, with crisp attention to detail that breathes life into all her characters She is ...

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    I received this novel from the author in exchange for a fair and unbiased review No money changed hands, no promises of chocolate or payment for services were rendered.So, what can you say about a feisty woman on the early side of seventy who has bills to pay and no way to pay them Call her Mildred AKA G ma AKA Delilah, Bambi, and other aliases This is one lady who takes crap from no one, who outsmarts the opposition time and again and still finds time to raid the buffet table at the casino where she works undercover.Widowed at seventy one and broke due to her late husband s gambling debts, Mildred applies for a job at the Ivory Winds Casino As she was once a cop, her background gets her hired as undercover security In disguise, Mildred G ma makes her rounds at Ivory Winds Is she Delilah Hopper, Oliver Brimstone, or Bambi Hunter, while taking advantage of the free buffet Going by another code name Double oh Seventy One you ll chuckle as Mildred faces mysteries, c...

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    Delicious read Doesn t get much wittier than this series Example Mildred is under the weather and she is feeling like the third chapter of a dreadful book Perhaps it s because the protagonist is 71, or the mystery is set in casino and well researched This author knows seniors and has written a book not just for those of us north of 60, but for anyone who loves a good...

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    Mildred knew that stepping into the casino would bring up memories of her late husband s gambling debts, but at 71 years old, she needs a job The casino is close and hiring Instead of working as a cashier, she is chosen to work undercover Her career as a meter maid has only prepared her for some of what she s in store for with this new job.What a whirlwind I never expected to read a book where the main character was over 70 and still running around getting into trouble It was neat reading a book with a character you don t normally see as the main character Mildred is a great blend of sarcastic, witty, humorous, and get it done undercover detective Her disguises are hilariou...

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    Mildred is perfectI gave this four stars because Mildred is wonderful So much humanity in her experience She echoes felons my widowed mother has expressed I loved her antics and the way she embraces her job She s a kindly Mrs Pollifax for the world.I wish the writer had developed the plot a little The story meanders w...

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    Fun story Mildred is an amazing sleuth I love her sense of humor and her determination to be independent I look forward to reading her next adventure.

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