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❂ The Dragon Thief (Sorcery and Sin, #1) kindle Epub ❆ Author Justin DePaoli –

The Dragon Thief (Sorcery and Sin, #1) Sorcery Is A Sin That Has Been Purged But Now Sin Is The World S Only Hope.Lavery Opsillian Would Trade Anything, Even His Ghostly Friends In The City Tombs Who Comfort Him, To Have His Father Back Instead, He Must Face Reality As Valios New King.But His Kingship Is Short Lived Seized By Cutthroats And Held For Ransom, Lavery Learns He Possesses A Gift He Soon Deems A Curse, But One That May Well Douse The Flames Threatening To Engulf His World.Sorcery Has Returned, And Dragons Are Coming.

    10 thoughts on “❂ The Dragon Thief (Sorcery and Sin, #1) kindle Epub ❆ Author Justin DePaoli –

  1. says:

    this book had the potential of being a super hit international bestseller cause it has good elements and even the characters are good but it felt like a rough copy than a fully finish book i wish the writer had given it time and not just kinda gotten over wi...

  2. says:

    What a fucking great read Light, but not fluffy paced perfectly, brilliant characters About half way though, I became sad as I realised that at some point, I ll be finished this book, and at some later point I ll be finished the series.

  3. says:

    Very enjoyable read.Great story.well put together scenario and worldview looking forward to the next in the series June better hurry coming

  4. says:

    Good yet aggravatingHard to put down but oooohhh did it get me riled I would certainly love to read about Gynoth, that s for sure Bastard.

  5. says:

    Interesting storyI liked the story line but would have like a little description of the scene I felt like I couldn t see it.

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