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Banana Seat Summer Mike And Jeremy Spend The Summer Of 74 Engaged In A Variety Of Childhood Adventures The Haunted Mining Town In Which They Reside Provides An Eerie Backdrop To This Tale Of Early Adolescence, And The Boys Are Certainly Not Immune To The Strangeness That Surrounds Them Ouija Board Predictions, A Faceless Horse Rider, And A Possessed Painting Are Among The Problems The Duo Encounter Through It All, They Begin To Realize That Their World Is Expanding And Life May Never Be The Same Again.

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    As I get older, I find myself reflecting on my younger years and Recalling just how different life was so far long ago is a pleasant endeavor It s comforting to think back to one s childhood in the seventies Banana Seat Summer by David Yurkovich is a great trip back to my youth It revels in small town incidents and showcases boys who are all about comic books, television, and candy in the seventies I remember constantly checking the spinner racks for new issues of comics I just had to have I recall splurging on candy at the local little store Yurkovich infuses each chapter with a rush of nostalgia and a devout respect for the wonder and carefree openness that is part of being a child.The novel is a collection of stories detailing one summer in the quaint lives of the two leads, Mike and Jeremy Their endeavors ring true to the reader because the situations they get in harken to so much of what it means to grow up in a small town.Another aspect I greatly enjoyed is how the story featured such little technology and dwelled on what the characters would set out to do instead of how passive the youth of today are with ...

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