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    10 thoughts on “✷ Everything's Amazing [sort of] Epub ✺ Author Liz Pichon –

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    For a book totally below my age range this book is really enjoyable The style of writing is fresh and interesting and tom s voice shines through bright and clear giving me many laughs he has not annoyed me once throughout the whole serried Which is pretty good for a character in my opinion.I would kill for a friend like Derek he is aweso...

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    this book was hilarious

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    E ARC from Netgalley.comTom is eagerly awaiting his birthday, scheming to get presents, and wondering if her really wants to go to the Dino Park where his father works for his party, especially since his father is enjoying driving around in the dinosaur shaped van a little too much and is that his father dressed as a dinosaur in the adverts around town Tom means well, but gets into all manner of scrapes he shrinks his school sweater and claims it is a trendy shrink knit until other kids start showing up in too small sweaters and the principal has to ban them he likes playing music with his band, DogZombies, but doesn t really want to perform in public and there is all sorts of dram surrounding the school disco dance The book helpfully has an appendix of British terms Strengths These books have great characters Tom, his famil...

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    Spicuiri din recenzia finala care se gaseste pe blogul meu Stilul lui Pichon nu e unic E testat i demonstrat c a a trebuie s construie ti un personaj care s plac publicului i care s ofere ansa scriitorului de a deveni unul iubit i apreciat de milioane de pu tani de pe tot globul Dar nu m deranjeaz absolut deloc aceste mo...

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    Very very very funny

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    Tom loves to doodle Whenever given the opportunity or even whenever not he is busy doodling something, somewhere Tom and his mates are in a band Their band has only ever played once for a seniors home but now they find out they are headlining the school disco What will they do and how to prepare for the worst To make things even worse it s close to Tom s birthday, his Dad has bought a strange Dino van and there is a mysterious Dino costume hanging in his Dad s closet Tom is worried his Dad will be in charge of the DJ position for the disco and he will be wearing his Dino costume He is also worried about his birthday party, the fossils and who to invite Will his Dad wear the costume Will his birthday party be a success will the band suck All will be revealed This book is filled with Tom s doodles as you read along with him and his adventures The doodles make the book It is written w...

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    I had never read a graphic novel prior to this book so I couldn t understand the excitement surrounding the Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Smile, or similar series, but I can now I thoroughly enjoyed middle school student, Tom Gates, perspective of what an adult would have perceived as fairly typical events in the life of a typical student Embarrassing parents, out of touch grandparents, a moody sister, friends and frien...

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    Els llibres de Tom Gates s n divertits com El Diari del Greg o El Petit Nicol s, per a difer ncia dels altres, en Tom t aficions, curiositat i gustos marcats li agrada dibuixar, tocar la guitarra, escoltar m sica i s un l der dins l aula Els...

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