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    10 thoughts on “!!> Read ➱ ‫تام گیتس ۸ ➵ Author Liz Pichon –

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    The funniest Tom Gates book to date,from missing Cat ornaments to crazy cooking from Granny Mavis,this book has it all for children aged 7 15 A hilarious read Well worth having a look at.

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    Bin nicht so ganz einverstanden mit den Methoden der Mutter, ansonsten unterhaltsam Das Skizzenbuch gefiel mir, in den B nden wird unheimliche Kreativit t ausgelebt.

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    OkSo Tom Gates growing on me Not that the drawings are thoughtful and uniquethe storyline gets to be quite entertaining tooI especially ADORE the few last pages of the end of each book where the author introduces a creative do it yourself creation that I bet is loads of fun to do.

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    it was a funny book and i liked the humor the best part was when the kids blocked the hill i would recommend it its does not end of a cliff hanger

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    My nephew was desperate to get this from the library, so after him, I read it too.I can see why it appeals It is a good bridge for a less confident reader, and lots of fun if your reading skills are just fine Very believable voice for Tom Gates So much so, ...

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    very good book

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    Funny and entertaining

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    The book I chose is realistic fiction called the Yes No Maybe , which come from the series called Tom Gates , there are 14 books in total This book is the 10th one.The book is by Liz Pichon A really famous british author, she is most known for Tom Gates She has sold millions of copies 1000000 books in the UK and been translated into 36 languages She has one of the world s best selling children s books in the United Kingdom The genre of the book is fiction realistic Adventure.I chose to read this book because my mum said everyone was reading it and it had a high rating.Tom s mum is acting crazy She taking everything out of the house for a boot sale Tom s is getting nervous when his mum want to get rid of his things Tom s sister delia room is smelling really funky, and it s locked What is delia hiding Tom s dad has given away a priceless jewel for only 1 pound Will they ever get it back After I finished reading this book, I felt ...

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    I have reviewed a lot of diary of a wimpy kid books, But here is a Tom Gates book that I am going to review today.Tom Gates books are amazing, This book is called YES NO MAYBE I have read this book loads of ti...

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    this book was good i think this is a good book for when you are younger this a very funny book Some of the Tom Gates books are better then others i would say this one is problay one of the best books i have read ...

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