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Reading ➷ Alpha in Hiding Author Lea Barrymire –

Alpha in Hiding Rerelease Of A Previously Published Book New Cover, New Publisher, No New Content It S Tough Being The Alpha S Daughter Emily Prescott Spends Half Her Life Helping To Manage The Pack S Business And The Other Half Putting Horny He Wolves In Their Place When Her Father Sends Her On A Mission To Bring A Weak Wolf Into His Shifter Side, It Seems Like Just Another Pain In Her Ass Until Her Bitch Perks Up And Takes Notice.Seth Has Spent Years Fighting To Keep His Wolf At Bay, But Something About Emily Brings Out The Animal In Him Wild Sex With Emily Turns Into An Uncontrollable Urge To Mate Her And Make Her His But Emily Needs A Strong Mate Someone Who Can Dominate And Defend Her If Weak, Geeky Seth Wants To Woo Her, He Has Some Changing To Do.

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    Short Review I enjoyed this book It was well wrote and I found the dynamics different and unique Having the hero go through such a transformation from submissive to alpha in such a short amount of time takes considerable writing ability and Ms Barrymire has it in spades Seth has spent his entire life trying not become what he feels is a monster Denying his inner wolf and closing himself off to that part of his nature As a result he is weak and suffers from human ailments When Emily, the local alphas daughter shows up she ignites a fire in him he isn t sure how to handle She whisks him away to a secluded cabin intent on getting him to let his wolf come out and play What they find is that Seth is no normal wolf, he s got his own alpha blood and his wolf has taken a intense liking to Emily.Emily is a strong capable female who takes no shit from anyone Her character is well developed and I enjoyed her connection to the wolf inside Her relationship with Seth, while short, is extremely well done and I didn t feel like the length of the book left anything to be desired I loved how she knew what she wanted and even though she craved Seth, she wouldn t let herself settle until he proved what he was capable of I adored Seth in all his geekiness and thought it was...

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    I really enjoyed this It was well written and the characters were great The sxxy times were off the freakin charts and uh yeah Loved it

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    I love an Average Joe hero who rises to the occasion for the woman wolf of his dreams and becomes the alpha male she needs Seriously hot too Well done.

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    Reviewed by CrystalBook provided by the publisher for reviewReview originally posted at Romancing the BookIf you love a great alpha male shapeshifter then Alpha in Hiding is just what you ve been wanting to read.Emily is a very strong woman and can control males just by her voice She just wants her friends to stop fighting off every male that she comes into contact with Seth wants to ignore the beast that is inside him He just wants a normal life He looks like a nerd and lives in a really messy house He just goes by every day until he can no longer ignore the shift.I was really surprised when I started reading Alpha in Hiding I never thought I would see a shapeshifter who really had no abilities to do what usually comes as second nature to them It was a new experience You have a normal every day male who wears glasses and is a little geeky When you find out why he doesn t like his beast y...

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    Alpha in Hiding by Lea Barrymire is an amazing read, we have the fiercely independent Emily She is a heroine worthy of only the best Enter in Seth now Seth had a wounded heart This has affected many aspects of his life but his ability to be secure in his wolf is the worst affected It takes the love and determination of a very strong woman to help mend those old hurts and bring out the Alpha hiding inside Seth Ms Barrymire does an amazing job of balancing these two characters Emily could come off as over bearing and bitchy but she doesn t she actually is a heroine I would love to see of inside of books She is super alpha herself, I really appreciated that, too often it s only the male that gets that roll The ...

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    Emily Prescott is the Alphas daughter Her duties are vast Her newest duty gives her a chance to not have to do the singles wolf run and keeps her from beating the crap out of guys Yes this is almost a daily occurrence So many males think they have what it takes to be her mate, yet none take a hint and leave her alone Her Wolf will let her know when it has found her mate This newest assignment has her going to a lone shifter that does not embrace his wolf part Talk about a nerd and sloppy one at that Seth doesn t want anything to do with his wolf or the local pack Emily basically kidnaps...

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    Emily Prescott is not happy to be assigned to help geeky wolf bring out the shifter in him, but if it gets her out of the mate run than she will take it Seth has been suppressing his wolf for so long, he is complete...

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    Lea Barrymire does it again with this truly original shifter story I enjoyed reading every page.Seth transforms from powerless to commanding after a lifelong fight to contain his inner wolf While Emily, authoritative daughter of the Alpha, fights a losing battle of submission with hers.

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    I bought this one from the Diesel sale.A good shifter story, enjoyed the hero and heroine a lot They were fated mates, but it wasn t cliched, it was thoughtful And hey, the sex scenes were excellent.

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    I really enjoyed this book Lea is a great author Kept me interesting and wanting to read .

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