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Five Seasons A Lifetime Of Answers In The Span Of Five SeasonsThe Scholar Teaches The Wretch From Erren And Sends Him On A Journey Through The Northern Wilderness.Born Of The Jungle Wilderness, Young Hatred Chases Young Love Up An Unknown Coast Toward The Unforseen And Unpromised.A Primitive Holds The Answers To Those Who Can Smell The Wolf, Hear And Speak Of The Freedom And Gaze Upon The Staff.All On A Journey Of Five Seasons, Walking Toward A New Life Yet All One Pace Away From Death.

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    Precise and Concise By the time I turned the last page of this precise and concise paperback 56 pages in length, I was in awe at the depth and scope of a story taking place around 3300 BCE grounded in reality by the author s introduction of the Tyrolean Iceman who lived around this time Henceforth, Sweeney s storytelling sagacity takes over, ushering the reader back to the Neolithic Age through his knowledge of primitive history and references Land of Four Quarters Ice Bridge of the Aurora Pentateuch Scrolls He certainly has an eye for detail in describing attire from head to toe, and knows what weapons to hand his characters for fending off man or beast Then, there are the parallel and intersecting stories about four travelers heading north from the equatorial region, and their fate over the course of five seasons Maita...

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    All you need is a handful o faith adventurer This haunting passage embodies J.R Sweeney s powerful book, Five Seasons I was captivated from start to finish A primitive world holds the secrets of life, death, and redemption Four diverse souls set out to discover life s mysteries within the span of five seasons Travel alongside Maita, Cusi, Tupac and Suibhne as they move towards their soulful destinies The poetic landscape is wonderfully provocative ...

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    This book took every chances to guide me in a forgotten world The characters inspired me, because on every site was a brilliant scene to feel the hardly and lovely situations Reading for me was like I am watching a movie.Brilliant work

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