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!!> Reading ➵ Un amor en juego ➭ Author Melita Joy –

Un amor en juego Mentiras, Manipulaci N Y Amor.Leilani Davide Acaba De Enterarse De Que Toda Su Vida Est Basada En Nada M S Que Mentiras Viaja A Italia En Busca De La Verdad.Renato Favalli Es El Heredero Del Imperio De Los Favalli Para Asegurarse De Que Recibe Su Herencia, Tiene Que Casarse Con Leilani.Con Un Matrimonio Fundamentado En Mentiras Y Enga Os, Hay Cabida Para El Amor

    10 thoughts on “!!> Reading ➵ Un amor en juego ➭ Author Melita Joy –

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    I thought it was an interesting book I kept turning the pages because I wanted to find out what was going to happen next The love story was a bit rushed, but I liked both the characters Renato is what I would picture an Italian alpha male to be and Leilani was delightful...

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    I received complimentary copy for an unbiased opinion.I did not totally like this book I started reading it with the idea that this would be an interesting story, and so I was looking forward to reading the book I found the book interesting at first and then I had trouble reading it because I really did not like the hero The basic plot is that Renato Favalli and Leilani Davide have been promised to each other since they were babies The time has now come for the two to meet and get married This was all decided by their fathers Renato wants to get married a little earlier so he can get his family business, so he decides to meet Leilani without her knowing who he is.Renato decides to fly to Rome, his hometown, next to Leilani in order to get to know her However, right from the beginning, Renati comes off as a spoiled rotten playboy Since he wasn t born rich, I was overwhelmed about how often he complained about everything In order to meet the hero, Renato has to travel coach instead of using his own jet And all he did was moan and groan about how bad it was He sat next to the heroine and basic...

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    I was gifted this book by the author Melita Joy, in exchange for an honest and unbiased review Like Leilani, I m a serious closet romance buff myself This was a decent book, with a decent length and a decent story Unlike most alfa male bilionaire books popping up lately, His discarded bride has some pretty interesting twists and events, many of which I could relate to and which made this book so much indulgent for me.Leilani s whole life is turned upside down when she flees to Rome in search of answers and absolution Everything seems to be going wrong so with blotchy skin and stringy hair, unflattering oversized clothes, physically and emotionally exhausted Leilani has a not so coincidental encounter with the beautiful Italian stallion, Renato fervalli.Repulsed by her appearance, he thinks of an easy escape, but the plane s about to take off and he needs to make Leilani his wife or he loses everything he s worked his whole life for The story gets interesting as the secrets from the past emerge as they always do Who is this guy Leilani keeps sneeking off to when she s about to get married to Renato Why is her mother so embitt...

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    Was a great read from beginning to end at first glance reading it on kindle and through each and every page it has His Discarded bride and the page number Luckily enough the story telling is enough to help continue reading and not worry about the title and the page numbers.Melita Joy had made this a remarkable and very exciting read and continues to excite every reader who without a doubt continues to read every page until finished, Leilani Davide is first seen through the eyes of Renato Favalli as a woman who is in his opinion very slovenly and cannot believe that she is his bride to be He thinks this is one big joke played upon him from life and thinking that as soon as he lands he will talk his way out of it somehow.Leilani had no idea that this handsome gorgeous man beside her fired up in her parts she ha...

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    I was provided with a free copy of this book so I could give an honest review At first I thought this was going to be the same contract for marriage, then falls in love plot recycled I was pleasantly surprised by the twists and turns the author p...

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    Leilani has been lied to her whole life She leaves Australia and goes to Italy for answers Rental has been sent to marry her to save his father s company, for himself With so many people keeping secrets it s hard to keep score I enjoyed t...

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    Someone already rated this a 1 star, but it isn t from the two posters listed here that I can see Hmm, interesting.

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    Okay bookThis was an okay book to read It had sad and sweet moments I would like to read from this author.

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