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[ Download ] ➹ A Mother's Heart: Memoir of a Special Needs Parent Author Eichin Chang-Lim –

A Mother's Heart: Memoir of a Special Needs ParentIt Can Be Lonely Parenting A Special Needs Child, But You Are Not Alone.Parenting Is A Challenging Journey, Especially When Raising A Child Who Requires Extra Attention There Are Days When It Feels As If You Re Trapped In A Dark Cave With No Way Out The Lonesomeness And Helplessness Exhaust You You May Be Looking For Some Words Of Inspiration To Know That You Are Not Alone.A Mother S Heart Is A Book For Any Parent In A Similar Circumstance This Book Is Written By A Mother Raising A Special Needs Son With A Genetic Disorder It Encapsulates Both The Elements Of A Memoir And A Self Help Book The Author Candidly Shares Her Need To Make Heart Wrenching Decisions Throughout The Journey, Including Family Life And Working With The School Systems.This Is A Book Not Only Helpful For Parents With A Special Needs Child, It Will Also Give Insights To Individuals Who May Encounter Or Be Involved With Parents Of Special Needs Children.

[ Download ] ➹ A Mother's Heart: Memoir of a Special Needs Parent Author Eichin Chang-Lim –
  • Paperback
  • 174 pages
  • A Mother's Heart: Memoir of a Special Needs Parent
  • Eichin Chang-Lim
  • English
  • 06 August 2018
  • 9781545264201

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    A heartfelt read of a mother s journey as a parent of a special needs child Eichin s son was born profoundly deaf and as a mother, she knew this long before she got the diagnosis that her son was born with Waardenburg syndrome A mother knows so much at times than the experts The book follows Eichin s life covering her son s childhood years until he becomes independent and leaves home The book is a quick, capturing read and gives an insight into the roller coaster ride this mother goes throug...

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    Much has been said and written about motherhood, but not nearly so much about a mother s heartbreak when she learns that her perfect child is not so perfect after all A Mother s Heart by Eichin Chang Lim is the true story of how one courageous woman copes with such a revelation, when her first born is pronounced profoundly deaf due to a genetic disorder called Waardenburg syndrome.This book was written to help others who are facing life with a genetically disabled child to understand and deal with what lies ahead for them, and to let them know that they are not alone But this story is one of hope and triumph, not defeat The author shares her own experience from the birth of her special needs child, through his childhood and up to the present, where he has become a young adult out on his own.A Mother s Heart is written in an honest, straight forward manner, and the author is completely open about the ups and downs, anguish and joy, the guilt, the anger and all the other e...

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    A Mother s Heart Memoir of a Special Needs Parent is a warm, touching story of a mother s love for her child It tells of the triumphs and tribulations of not just caring for a child with special needs but of the whole family The struggles that all parents go through plus the added difficulties of trying to find the best care and education for that special person A personal journey ...

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    This book surprised me just a little bit I guess I was expecting a very sad and angst ridden story of the difficulties of raising a special needs child What I got instead was a simple, straightforward account of the highs and lows of dealing with the needs of a child who has some form of disadvantage over the other kids Eichin Chang Lim s first child Teddy, was born profoundly deaf and with some vision issues also Chang Lim candidly relates the initial shock and disappointment that her long awaited for bundle of joy is not quite so perfect after all What she shows us in this book is that once the intial shock is over there is work to be done, for both the child and the parent s sake She doesn t pull any punches or sugarcoat the experience, she relates what she had to do for Teddy in a simple, straightforawrd narrative along with the effect her son s disability had on everyone in the family The chapter from Teddy s younger sister may have been short, but it was illuminating in showing the differences in perspective between the child and the sibling There is no doubt having a special needs child puts all sorts of strains on work and family relationships, but Chang Lim is able to show that sometimes it is practacalities and the pragmatic approach t...

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    When I read Ms Chang Lim s 2016 release, FLIPPING, I was impressed by the depth of emotion plumbed So realistic was the novel, that I wondered if, like me, she had personal experience of special needs and disabilities So, when A MOTHER S HEART, a non fiction memoir and self help book rolled into one, was published, I was curious to learn about the author s background FLIPPING did such a wonderful job of conveying the frustrations and joys of special needs parenting that I was expecting a lot from its non fiction follow up Thankfully, it didn t disappoint.With great care and sensitivity, Ms Chang Lim tackles the subject of childhood deafness At times, it s not the easiest read Heart breaking circumstances are explored, warts n all, with no punches pulled The author is hard on herself at times, but her honesty is engaging Happily, there are plenty of uplifting moments, as Teddy and his family overcome hurdles most people couldn t comprehend Chang Lim s style is informative but never preachy she tells us what s worked or not worked for her, but she acknowledges that there is no universal approach Some of the ad...

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    A Touching story I have also experienced this in my life and it s challenging It s a short story and well written.

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    A Mother s Heart by Eichin Chang Lim is an incredible descriptive of a family s struggle to cope with their son Ted s condition of profound deafness attributed to a little known syndrome known as Waardenburg Syndrome.The narrative is a blend of solid advice and Eichin s memoirs The trials and tribulations of this remarkable woman can only be guessed at or surmised Written with clarity and devastating brutal honesty it should bring a tear or two to your eyesit did mine.We follow Ted through his struggles and operations plus his struggles with ...

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    An uplifting story of a mother s challenges in raising a special needs child What I loved about Eichin s writing, is that she shares the experience in a factual and sometimes even humorous way You won t feel hate or angst, which is common in most memoirs Being a doctor, her perspective is finding solutions for her child s predicament and making the most out of the situation.If you have a special needs child, or ...

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