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[PDF / Epub] ✓ Stay Healthy by supplying whats lacking in your diet ★ David Coory –

Stay Healthy by supplying whats lacking in your diet This New 2016 Updated, Enlarged International 10th Edition Of New Zealand S Most Popular And Easy To Understand Health Book 88,000 Copies Sold Is Now Packed Even Fully With Priceless Health Information It Contains So Much Newly Discovered Health Information, That You May Have To Forget Almost Half Of What You Ve Been Told These Last 20 Years Enjoy Optimum Health From Your Diet As It Has Always Done, This Book Shows You How To Dramatically Improve Your Health By Making Small But Critical Changes To Your Diet When You Supply Your Body With The Correct Balance Of Minerals, Vitamins And Fats, You Begin To Enjoy A Clearer Mind, Sharper Memory, Sound Heart, Efficient Immune System, Clear Arteries, Healthy Bones, Loads Of Energy, A Worry Free Outlook On Life And Refreshing Sleep You Can Say Goodbye To Or Avoid Altogether, Any Of The Embarrassing And Misery Causing Health Problems Listed On Page 4 These Have All Been Healed By Optimum Nutrition Just Small But Important Changes To Your Diet Your Body Is Then Able To Heal Them Naturally From Within, Or Prevent Them Ever Occurring Often All You Require Are The Important Minerals Like Boron, Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium And Iodine Which Are Lacking In Our New Zealand Soils Or Lost In The Processing Our Food New Zealand Farmers Know The Dramatic Difference, Diet Minerals Make To The Health Of Animals How To Avoid Major Health Problems And Become Permanently Slim There Are Now New Sections In The Book Showing You How To Prevent Alzheimers, Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke, Macular Degeneration And Autism Also A Fail Proof Way Of Losing 3 Kgs A Week And Then Remaining Permanently Slim For The Rest Of Your Life There S Also An Expanded Index To Help You Quickly Find What You Need Presents A Wealth Of Information Clearly And Succinctly And Empowers People To Take Charge Of Their Own Health Katherine Smith, Editor Of The New Zealand Journal Of Natural Medicine Reading Carefully Every Page In The Last Six Days Has Deeply Impressed Me With The Value Of This Book David Coory Provides Thoughtful Leadership With The Genius Of Simplicity In A Topic That Is Often Fraught With Complexity And Conflicting Agendas Stay Healthy Deserves A Wide Readership Robert Dee, Health Book Editor And Proof Reader, Tauranga A Must Read For Anyone Wanting To Look Beyond The Claims And Contradictions That Characterise Much Of The Reported Research On Health Issues John MacKinven Professional Proof Reader There Are Lots Of Health Books Out There These Days However, If You Are Looking For Something Really Useful, Insightful, Well Researched And A Real Treasure Of Information, Look No Further This Is The One Jonathan Eisen, Publisher, The NZ Journal Of Natural Medicine

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