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Hooked Do Not F The Players Or You Will Be Fired As The Newest Ice Babe For The Colorado Blizzard, I M Not Too Worried About Breaking That Rule I Know A Thing Or Two About Fending Off Hockey Players Looking To Score.At Least, That S What I Thought Until I Caught The Eye Of Blizzard Captain And Heart Throb Hunter Rockwell.No Matter How Many Times I Turn The Troubled Star Down, He S Convinced I M Just Playing Hard To Get And He Doesn T Care How Much Hot Water His Flirting Lands Me In.If I Were Being Perfectly Honest Sure, I D Love To Spend A Few Minutes In The Sin Bin With The Chiseled Stud But I D Never Risk My Job For A Filthy Rich Athlete With A Dirty Reputation.But With Hunter Stepping Up His Game On And Off The Ice To Win Me Over, Telling Him No Is Getting Harder Than Ever It Doesn T Help That Everyone Already Suspects There S Something Between Us And Maybe They Re Right.Hunter Swears No One Will Find Out But I Know We Re Bound To Get Caught.And Then He Ll Toss My Broken Heart To The Ice, Just Like All The Others So Why Am I Letting Myself Get Hooked On HunterHooked Is A 50,000 Word Hockey Romance This Stand Alone Novel Is The First Entry In The Colorado Blizzard Series Narrated In Alternating First Person No Cheating, No Cliffhanger, HEA Guaranteed.

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    DNF 50%I thought it was fine but honestly it could have been a LOT better A majority of the time I felt like everything was just too. lack luster.the heroine didn t resist the hero s flirting all that much Did they bang immediately No But she did cave when the hero pushed for things giving her a ride home, her phone number, showing him her new place, etc so she might not have come off slutty but she DID come off playing hard to get When she d constantly go no i won t and then turns around a couple sentences later and does exactly what she said she wouldn t that s playing hard to get honey I EXPECTED so sassy back and forth banter between the heroine and heroine but there wasn t Instead I got the heroine half heartedly resisting his advances one or twice before caving No Come on No Come oonnnn Hmm ok I wanted a little bit of resistance, some build up, but the heroine wasn t giving it to me I also would have believed the whole this is my job, we can t be together etc etc if she actually NEEDED her job She didn t seem to enjoy it, the girls treated her unfairly, and she didn t need the money There were times where she SAID it was against the rules, that she d loose her job, but did that scare her Did she NEED it No There was an attempt at making this a major conflict in the book but in reality it just came off half assed Maybe if she need...

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    Ok readNOT for actual hockey fansIf you write a hockey romance, the hockey should be as good as the romance This book was mediocre in both It had some cute moments and some sweet ones, but it felt rushed Neither character took their work seriously, and it felt like the author just picked a random sport and said what kind of silly situations can I come up with It has the basic romantic formula from the 80 s playbook good girl meets bad boy he likes her she resists because they shouldn t but likes him so after a couple of no s, she says yes Catty, jealous girl causes problems alpha male runs after good girl catty jealous girl gets punished lovers together everyone cheers HEA No major technical issues Lots of sex...

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    Cute, fun, and entertaining I read this book on a Sunday afternoon It was a cute story, fun characters, and overall an enjoyable read The character s inner dialogue made them seem like real people I mean, he realized he asked her to quit her job, not be his girlfriend...

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    Bad ass hockey captain meets the new rookie ice girl an sparks fly between them.A young woman with her boyfriend attend a local hockey game an as she s sitting there her boyfriend is ogling the ice girls on the ice, an she mak...

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    Stars 4 This hockey romance was a quick read and enjoyable The climax seemed a little too quick, but I enjoyed it all the same I think Hunter and Honor definitely clicked, but I felt there was also room to grow I would read this auth...

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    I enjoyed this book written as a duel point of view and is Hunter and Honor s story and I really like the way these two interacted.I received a free copy of this book and voluntarily chose to review it.

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    CuteA cute and easy read The characters weren t too bad but they weren t the best They didn t quite have the depth to them that I would have loved, but they weren t boring either Definitely a fast paced story Guaranteed HEA that was really sweet.

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    I loved this story My only issue is that I wish goodreads listed this as a series and I wouldve read Grudge Puck first The story itself was entertaining and hot As a hockey fan I enjoyed the on ice segments.

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    FunEnjoyed the read Sweet characters Some issues, but nothing too deep or troubling But then all the stars aligned and the problems vanished Just a fun, simple trip.

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    Cute storyThis book was a good read It was fun and a easy read I liked those two together No cheating, ty author I liked the chemistry between the two.

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