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The Visitors of Orange There Are Two Types Of Darkness In This Town If You Re Not One, You Re The Other Twenty Years Ago, Senior Airman Nate Barrows Saw Something Something New And Alien, Flying Through American Airspace Now The Military Has Forced Nate To Investigate Decades Old UFO Sightings In A Dead End Office In The Unassuming Town Of Orange, Massachusetts, Or Face A Dishonorable Discharge Things Turn Around For Nate When He Meets A Vivacious Young Woman To Share His Life With But As They Plan Their Future Together, Clues From Their Past Make Callie And Nate Realize Perhaps Their Meeting Was Not An Act Of Destiny, But Orchestrated By The Government To Deal With Orange S Most Dangerous Secrets Can Their Love Survive A Government Conspiracy Why Do Old Folks Keep Disappearing And What S Behind The Second Bedroom Door Agent Nate Barrows Is On The Case

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    Things are not what they seem.Nate finds this out when as a pilot he thinks he sees something but then gets transferred to a different position to investigate UFOs What seemingly is a no where job leads to the unexpected Battles occur in the pursuit for power.A sci fi read that is imagin...

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    I really enjoyed this book It tackles the tricky topic of loneliness without veering away from sci fi and action It even has some steamy romance scenes thrown in for good measure An excellent quick read.

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    Reviewed By Jack Magnus for Readers FavoriteThe Visitors Of Orange is a paranormal action novel written by Gerard Labrecque Senior Airman Nathan Barrows had a crucial decision to make one that would define his life for years to come He had seen and photographed an alien spacecraft while on a combat training flight Contrary to his expectations, the military was not impressed by his discovery They claimed that his camera yielded no evidence of an alien spacecraft landing, even if his polygraph showed that Nathan was telling the truth Colonel Jenkins spelled out the choices that Nathan had choices that had to be made right then and there Ordinarily, he would be grounded and receive a dishonorable discharge to prevent him attempting to publicize his sighting But there was another option one that would involve him heading up a covert department, The Department of Extraterrestrial Investigation, which reviewed and conducted followups on any sightings that might occur He would receive an honorable discharge, get to keep his pilot s license and have a small plane at his disposal Nathan really had no choice the way he saw things, and he agreed to be the new head of DETI Twenty years later, he would have to wonder if he had made the right choice after all Gerard Labrecque s paranormal action novel, The Visitors Of Orange, contains all the elements that are likely to make a conspiracy fan s eyes light up A quick glance at the cover shows a nun wielding a strangely sha...

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    Wow. great read The author had me guessing on each turn and twist I won t give much because I hate spoilers. I suggest grabbing your copy today.

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