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[EPUB] ✵ Night of the Dragon ✸ Julie Kagawa –

Night of the DragonMaster Storyteller Julie Kagawa Concludes The Enthralling Journey Into The Heart Of The Fantastical Empire Of Iwagoto In The Third Book Of The Shadow Of The Fox Trilogy As Darkness Rises And Chaos Reigns, A Fierce Kitsune And Her Shadowy Protector Will Face Down The Greatest Evil Of All A Captivating Fantasy For Fans Of Sabaa Tahir, Sarah J Maas And Marie LuKitsune Shapeshifter Yumeko Has Given Up The Final Piece Of The Scroll Of A Thousand Prayers In Order To Save Everyone She Loves From Imminent Death Now She And Her Ragtag Band Of Companions Must Journey To The Wild Sea Cliffs Of Iwagoto In A Desperate Last Chance Effort To Stop The Master Of Demons From Calling Upon The Great Kami Dragon And Making The Wish That Will Plunge The Empire Into Destruction And DarknessShadow Clan Assassin Kage Tatsumi Has Regained Control Of His Body And Agreed To A True Deal With The Devil The Demon Inside Him, Hakaimono They Will Share His Body And Work With Yumeko And Their Companions To Stop A Madman And Separate Hakaimono From Tatsumi And The Cursed Sword That Had Trapped The Demon For Nearly A MillenniumBut Even With Their Combined Skills And Powers, This Most Unlikely Team Of Heroes Knows The Forces Of Evil May Be Impossible To Overcome And There Is Another Player In The Battle For The Scroll, A Player Who Has Been Watching, Waiting For The Right Moment To Pull Strings That No One Even Realized Existed Until Now

[EPUB] ✵ Night of the Dragon ✸ Julie Kagawa –
  • Paperback
  • 384 pages
  • Night of the Dragon
  • Julie Kagawa
  • English
  • 19 November 2017
  • 9781848457706

    10 thoughts on “[EPUB] ✵ Night of the Dragon ✸ Julie Kagawa –

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    Update I will be participating in the blog tour for this release My review will go live on Sunday, March 29th I hope you can check it out Earlier ARC Received Thank you so much, Inkyard Press I truly appreciate it Original THIS COVER THIS TITLE THIS STORY It s entirely too much.RIP ME.

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    Edit Oct 3rd, 2019 I JUST HAD A HEART ATTACK OVER THE COVER AGAIN DECEASED.Damn it I was just recovering Edit July 17th, 2019 yay It IS called Night of the Dragon AND THAT COVER THO BEAUTIFUL I would die for an arc of this book Realistically legitimately faint, probably SO EXCITED Lord Help Me But I thought the title was Night of the Dragon Hrm Maybe not Either way hell to the yes.

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    Julie Kagawa is the queen of cliff hangers which sucks for me

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    dragons better be delivered in here okay

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    Thrilled to have this spectacular book as my first full read review of the year It s rare for a fantasy series to start out strong and just continue to get stronger, but this series never fails to thrill and surprise Once again, Author Kagawa had me falling in with our band of heroes fox shifter Yumeko whose powers are on exciting, cinematic display in this book , swoon worthy samurai Tatsumi, cheeky shrine maiden Reika, the hilarious rebel Okame, powerful noble Daisuke and gentle ghost girl, Suki I had so much fun travelling with these friends lovers the romances in this book were a delightful surprise and beautifully done I adore a uniquely romantic setting for a kiss, and Julie Kagawa crafts several lovely scenes as they battle demons in a race against time to reach the dragon god Harbinger of Change to basically save the world This really needs to be an animated film Julie Kagawa, once again, had me googling Japanese mythology to find out about various terrifying demons that make an appearance along with the powerful, ethereal creatures like the Kirin an ancient Japanese unicorn dragon Very highly recommended bravo, Julie TeamKirin

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    Have you seen the cover It s gorgeous Also it s purple heart eyes

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    there is a certain perspective i am very interested in reading after the ending of book two.

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    I NEED THIS BOOK MORE THAN I NEED OXYGEN like LOOK at that COVER I didn t realize until I got a delivery update from that this comes out in ONE FUCKING MONTH.

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    An ARC was provided to me for free by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I was really looking forward to this conclusion to the trilogy I enjoyed the first two books, particularly Soul of the Sword As a long time reader of Kagawa s books, I think she s grown her writing style and complexity a lot That said, I struggled to get back into this book I felt like there were too many action scenes without much purpose in the first few chapters alone, the characters are propelled forward mostly through fights and ambushes This occurred in the first two books as well, but I didn t mind so much Here, it felt strange with the otherwise sense of urgency the characters have to defeat the villain before a specific date Obviously, obstacles in the characters way is a given else it d be a boring story , but there wasn t enough lull time between action scenes, which is exhausting as a reader The characters dynamics also felt off to me There are two relationships that don t make sense to me at all, and another character who doesn t have enough page space to have a personality Unfortunately, I won t be finishing this series.

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    Special thanks to Netgalley for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book before its release This, however, does not reflect the opinions in my review.Wow Just wow What a phenomenal end to an unforgettable series The fact that Night of the Dragon and it s previous two predecessors aren t bestsellers should be a crime I m not even sure how I can properly review this book without reiterating my Soul of the Sword review All the praises that I gave that one still apply to the final book Gripping, page turning action sequences, heartfelt characters that drive a high stakes narrative, a rich, diverse world in which to immerse yourself It has it all In this final installment of the Shadow of the Fox series, Yumeko and her gang set out to the Moon Islands to try and stop Genno before he can call upon the Harbinger of Change the great kami dragon and initiate the dawn of a new age in which demons rule the world Right from the beginning of the story, we re thrown into tense action sequences and the steady pace keeps up throughout the majority of the novel, making it a very engaging read I could sit down for hours at a time without tiring of reading Other than the Japanese lore, I think what I loved most about this novel and, really, the series as a whole were the characters themselves and watching them grow throughout the course of the story Yumeko learned to embrace and use her kitsune powers, learned to have faith in herself against insurmountable odds, and learned to become a fierce warrior, all without losing her kindness and naivete Tatsumi grew to understand that he was than just the trained warrior he was made to be, an unfeeling weapon to be used and disposed of, and learned that opening himself up to his emotions particularly love didn t make him a lesser person Okame, Daisuke, Reika, and even Hakaimono are all grow to some degree giving them a very real sense of depth Another thing that I appreciated was that this was truly a high stakes adventure Yumeko and the group were given a nearly impossible task to accomplish and, while they succeeded in the end, it wasn t without sacrifice I legitimately cried, like, five separate times while reading the story, and despite the various deaths the epilogue leaves the reader on a hopeful note Overall, Night of the Dragon and the series as a whole is a rich, beautiful story I highly recommend it to lovers of gripping fantasies, those who love Japanese culture and lore and to anyone looking into how to write compelling, lovable characters.

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