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The Floating Feldmans Reading The Floating Feldmans Author Elyssa Friedland Sink Or SwimToo Bad Her Kids Didn T Get The Memo Between The Troublesome Family Secrets, Old Sibling Rivalries, And Her Two Teenage Grandkids, Annette S Birthday Vacation Is Looking And Like The Perfect Storm Adrift Together On The Open Seas, The Feldmans Will Each Face The Truths They Ve Been Ignoring And Learn That The People They Once Thought Most Likely To Sink Them Are Actually The Ones Who Help Them Stay Afloat.

❰EPUB❯ ✵ The Floating Feldmans  Author Elyssa Friedland –
  • Paperback
  • 368 pages
  • The Floating Feldmans
  • Elyssa Friedland
  • English
  • 13 June 2018
  • 9780399586897

    10 thoughts on “❰EPUB❯ ✵ The Floating Feldmans Author Elyssa Friedland –

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    This is a wonderful women s fiction novel Often funny, other times poignant, the book is told from multiple points of view So, we see the grandmother, Annette, dealing with her grown children that she feels distant from She remembers all she did for them when they were children up through college The son, Freddy, remembers how he was never good enough compared to his perfect sister The daughter, Elise, remembers how her mother endlessly gives her beauty tips that make her feel belittled Then there are Elise s husband and two children and their secrets.All of them have their own secrets, which we, the readers, quickly become privy to, but because the family won t tell each other what s actually going on in their lives, we can just wait for this combustible situation to explode when they all meet aboard a cruise to celebrate Annette s 70th birth...

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    3.5 starsThis was a pretty enjoyable read about family members who all seem to be hiding some sort of secret from one another I do think it was a clever idea by the author to have most of the story take place on a cruise ship as it led to some interesting situations Annette Feldman decides she wants to do something special for her 70th birthday so she organizes a vacation on a cruise ship for her family So Annette, her husband, her daughter, her son in law, two grandkids, her son and his girlfriend all climb aboard the ship, some excited than others Hmm, complicated family dynamics playing out in a confined space for a week I m sure nothing could go wrong wink, wink.The story follows the different family members so you do get an opportunity to see things from each person s perspective I can t say I liked each person but at least there was nobody I outright hated which was a problem I had when ...

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    3.5 stars, rounded downAnnette Feldman has the bright idea to celebrate her 70th birthday on a 4 day Caribbean cruise surrounded by her family This is not one of those close knit, lovey dovey families No, her two children seem to resent each other and neither is particularly close to their parents They have trouble spending a few hours together let alone days in each other s company Add in a few secrets, such as a shopping addiction and a very young girlfriend, and as the book blurb says, you ve got the perfect storm The question, dear reader, is what you are expecting from this book If you re in the market for a family drama with glimpses of humor, read on If you are expecting humor, along the lines of Jonathan Tropper s This Is Where I Leave You, look elsewhere The book switches from one POV to another, giving us insights that the rest of the family don t have Friedland nails the sibling rivalries and the parental anguish I found myself feeling sorry for the characters yet unable to relate to them Elise, in particular, just seemed pathetic and whiny I would have jumped ship if I was stuck dealing with her And Julian, the cruise director, seemed entirely unnecessary as a character Large portions of the book struck me as dry Friedland s humor shines through best when describing the cruise itself The cruise seemed like one of the circles of hell and reminded me why you ll never ca...

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    The Feldmans are than a tad dysfunctional and a non cohesive bunch, and thus for the past few years is reflected in their infrequent gatherings and their choice to be physically distance from the NE, by living in Colorado and California Through the eyes of the matriarch, Annette, we observe her concern One day she has an epiphany to reunite the family in a last ditch effort to encourage forgiveness and harmony between her son,Freddy and daughter, Elise Both Freddy and Elise have big secrets that keep them from being their true self before their family Elise s shopping has plunged her family into extreme debt while her stable, consistent husband, Mitch is playing fast and loose with his career Their children Rachel and Darius are older teenagers about to embark on adulthood, though they often act childish and retaliatory against the other What happens when eight family members are removed from their home environments and distractions They are forced by circumstance to be congenial with others they resent It results in a whole lot of smirks, shaking the head and ...

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    A fun read that makes you think about family interactions and laugh out loud Would you go on a cruise as an adult with your parents Think of all the zany things that can happen and multiple by a thousand A great summer read Can t wait to read by Elyssa Friedland Pre order this one today

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    After reading the Floating Feldmans, I find it shocking that the unique hell of a family vacation has never before been captured in this accurate, nuanced, and ultimately optimistic way I loved this book equally if not than the author s prior two books, Love and Miss Communication and The Intermission In fact, I ignored my children on our own family vacation in a compulsive need to discover how each character resolves The dialogue reads like a game of Olympic ping pong The characters a...

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    I LOVED IT Witty, insightful and a whole lot of fun You ll fall in love with the Feldmans ,

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    Annette is turning 70, and her birthday wish is to take her entire family on a cruise to spend some wonderful quality time together For an entire week, the family will be trapped together on a cruise ship with no way to escape This is the perfect trope for a delightful, uproarious family comedy.Elise, her daughter, is dealing with a secret addiction her husband, Mitch, has a major announcement to make once the entire family gathered and their kids are both hiding some aspects of their lives Elise s feckless loser brother Freddy is also coming, along with his younger girlfriend Natasha, and somehow Freddy isn t such a loser any, but that s quite the surprise.With these family dynamics, I was expecting the satirical family comedy that I love, like Evergreen Tidings from the Baumgartners by Gretchen Anthony or Jonathan Tropper s This is Where I Leave You and The Book of Joe I wanted the over the top family explosions that come from family members with their own quirks, personalities, and triggers, being caught together in a forced relationship crucible In The...

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    DNF 100 pages I am so surprised to not finish this given the many great reviews this book is getting I m not sure it s the story that is my problem I think it s the writing style The character s conversational narratives are broken up too much A character will ask a question to another character and the author will give you three or four paragraphs, sometimes even a page, of the internal dialogue or backstory of the charac...

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