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[KINDLE] ❄ One Little Secret Author Cate Holahan –

One Little Secret Everyone Has A Secret For Some, It S Worth Dying To Protect For Others, It S Worth Killing.The Glass Beach House Was Supposed To Be The Getaway That Susan Needed Eager To Help Her Transplanted Family Set Down Roots In Their New Town And Desperate For Some Kid Free Conversation She Invites Her New Neighbors To Join In On A Week Long Sublet With Her And Her Workaholic Husband.Over The Course Of The First Evening, Liquor Loosens Inhibitions And Lips The Three Couples Begin Picking Up On The Others Marital Tensions And Work Frustrations, As Well As Revealing Their Own But Someone Says Too Much And The Next Morning One Of The Women Is Discovered Dead On The Private Beach.Town Detective Gabby Watkins Must Figure Out Who Permanently Silenced The Deceased As She Investigates, She Learns That Everyone In The Glass House Was Hiding Something That Could Tie Them To The Murder, And That The Biggest Secrets Of All Are Often In Plain Sight For Anyone Willing To Look.A Taut, Locked Room Mystery With An Unforgettable Cast Of Characters, One Little Secret Promises To Keep Readers Eyes Glued To The Pages And Debating The Blinders That We All Put On In The Service Of Politeness.

[KINDLE] ❄ One Little Secret  Author Cate Holahan –
  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • One Little Secret
  • Cate Holahan
  • English
  • 14 September 2019
  • 9781683319726

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    One Little Secret is the second novel written by Cate Holahan that I ve read Part mystery and thriller, it tells the story of six neighbors three couples who rent a house on the eastern shores of Long Island for part of the summer As each chapter unfolds in third person perspective, we learn of the drama transpiring in their individual and combined households.This book was a very easy read I devoured it in two chunks over a twenty four hour period, finding myself unwilling to put it down except for meals and priorities that I couldn t skip out on The characters are vivid, realistic but with a slight caricature like tendency, and will clearly show their motivation for each move they make Holahan has weaved clever tension beyond just the normal marital problems of infidelity and monotonous boredom At times, I thought these people were all horrible, yet at others, I saw moments of intimacy and pain that provoked sentimental feelings for them.Given where they rented a summer home, it s obvious they came from money, though some try to indicate they do not Doctors, lawyers, tech start ups, and sports reporters earn a lot in this world, so be prepared for a high amount of affluence and the drama that comes with it From the start in the prologue where someone is being pushed under water, you know there is a secret worth protecting, but which of the six is the victim and which is the murderer is the game you ve signed on to play when you picked up this book Love it By 15% in, a...

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    THREE SO SO STARSThree couples rent a fabulous beach house for a get to know each other kind of vacation After driving up to the house for the first time, they find it to be not as gorgeous as the online photos led them to believe Hey, no problem, they make the best of it and get on with the eating, drinking and relaxing It s going to be an amazing week What the three couples didn t sign up for is MURDER Yep, we ve got a classic locked room murder mystery to solve The peeps should ve been soaking up the sunshine and chilling out, instead they let grievances and tensions build at an alarming rate It appears there is much than One Little Secret brewing in this group Before you even know what in the H E double L is going on, one of the six is found dead on the beach Who is responsible Which characte...

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    One Little Secret by Cate Holahan is a book that will suck you in from the start I read this one quite quickly, needing to know how it was all going to play out Nobody is who they seem in the beginning and the twists keep coming A great, fast paced read for anybody who likes a good whodunnit.3 couples, a weeks holiday with no children in a beach house in the Hamptons A chance to relax and get to know new people what could go wrong Murder that is what Copious amounts of alcohol has all the secrets being spilled work stress, martial tensions, kids you name it In the morning a woman is dead on their private beach who wanted their secrets kept secret that badly Enter Detective Gabby Watkins an investigator who is like a dog with a bone and determined to get to the bot...

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    Three couples rent a vacation residence for the week their children are attending camp Although the couples are all neighbors, they really don t know each other very well.Throw in an abundance of alcohol into the mix and the differences among them are glaring There s a doctor, a lawyer, a housewife, an abusive husband, a workaholic, and at least one person who s having an affair.The next morning, a dead body is seen on the private beach It will be Detective Gabby Watkins who will have to comb through everyone s private lives to find the killer What she finds is that each and every one of the people sharing the house have a secret one someone might kill to keep quiet.CON The one and only thing I found unsatisfactory is an instance where the abusive husband, in a fit of anger, calls his wife by another woman s name There is no character in the book th...

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    After having read and enjoyed Cate Holahan s previous book, Lies She Told, I was excited to get my hands on a copy of One Little Secret And it did not disappoint Told across three days day before, day of, and day after , this story alternates its timelines and main character each section follows to build suspense with every chapter The plot didn t stop twisting, keeping me guessing for quite some time until about three quarters of the way through, at which point I had a solid idea of how the rest was going to play out Every character in this story had a secret some bigger than others and it was intriguing to watch them being uncovered, especially as many were woven together.Holahan s writing style works well with this thriller, flowing easily and using short sentences to great effect in building tension That, in ad...

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    4 Stars In Cate Holahan s One Little Secret, three couples who are neighbors decide to rent out a gorgeous beach house for a getaway By the end of the trip, one person is dead and the remaining friends are all murder suspects.The book reads like a modern twist on an Agatha Christie novel though the book s title suggests only one person has a secret, it appears as though every person on the trip is hiding something that could easily incriminate them There are affairs including ones between not just one but possibly TWO couples on the trip there are financial issues between the couples and, finally, there is a pending lawsuit involving two couples on the trip Yes, this is absolute recipe for disaster, to say the least.Why any of these couples would willingly go on vacation with each other is beyond me, but it sure makes for a suspenseful read.Readers should be aware that there is domestic violence in this book, and the author has dealt with it in the most delicate, critical way pos...

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    Marriage was like a poker game in that the stakes increased the longer each player sat at the table After a dozen years with the same person, the pot became so large that s no one could walk away over anything less than a monumental display of cheating All other grievances had to be shrugged off Love and marriage, love and marriage, they go together like a horse and carriage or perhaps like a long walk of a short pier as we learn in this tale A kid f...

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    Affluent couples keeping secrets and committing crimes during a beach holiday in the Hamptons Told in a third person perspective over a 3 day period day before, day of, and day after , this is a super quick readand an addictive one Although the characters three separate couples are mostly ass hats, they all had moments during which I found myself relating to them in some way Moments when I found them to be beautifully human and empathetic And although I was fairly certain, following chapter 2, who the killer was, I found it didn t really detract from the story There were a couple times I second guessed myself, but ultimately ended up being correct Honestly, my biggest gripe with the bookthe dimwit detective, Gabby Watkins Oh, you had a motive Well, you re under arrest Oh, you mean you have an alibi Never mind then Then she moved onto the next person Oh, you had a motive Well, you re under arrest Oh, you mean you couldn t have Never mind then I mean, come on We re really supposed to believe this woman made sargeant She s a total nincompoop Beyond that, I found the rate of escalation to murder in this novel a bit implausible One minute these couples are dropping their kids off at camp, the next they re committing murder It just didn t ring true to me This has the potential to be an excellent mystery thriller, with some mild tweaking As it stands, however, I can t give it than 3.5 stars Much appreciation to Ne...

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    Thank you to Crooked Lane Books and NetGalley for the early read of One Little Secret in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own.I am going to be participating in the blog tour on July 26th, so I will start by saying that is when the blog post is going up.Her One Mistake by Cate Holahan is the perfect summer read Three couples rent a beach house in the Hamptoms while their kids are off at camp, hoping for a quiet vacation getaway Good idea, right When tensions go through the glass ceiling and one of the wives ends up murdered, it turns into quite the clusterf ck.This isn t a particularly difficult read, although I had trouble keeping all the names apart at first The chapters alternate between the day before, the day of, and the day after the crime This makes sense as it reveals bits and pieces of the before and after and lets us guess at what happened I took the obvious suspect and guessed wrong, darn it I liked the fast pacing and was about to read this in two days, finding Jenny s line to be the most interesting The detective was a little annoying and I felt like she didn t really back ...

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    When their kids go off to summer camp, three couples who reside in the same neighborhood, take a trip together to the Hamptons, renting a house right along the beach On the first night there, drama ensues arguing, lies, and even murder.The next morning, police are called to the beach, as a dead body has been found one of our vacationing neighbors What happened to this woman And which one of these neighbors is responsible for her death Detective Gabby Watkins is on the case and she refuses to give up until she uncovers the truth.A gripping mystery full of an unlikable cast of character No one seems innocent each and every one of them has a motive to kill, but who actually followed through with it One Little Secret by Cate Holahan is a twisty mystery that centers around one of my favorite thriller tropes the no escape mystery with a set number of suspects This...

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