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[Reading] ➶ Christmas by the Lighthouse ➽ Rebecca Boxall –

Christmas by the Lighthouse Happy Go Lucky Journalist Summer Has Always Managed To Focus On The Silver Lining But Nothing In Her Life Has Prepared Her For Her Husband Seth S Recent Revelation He Wants A Six Month Break From Their MarriageDetermined To Stay Positive, Summer Decamps To Jersey To Spend Six Months By The Sea, Where Every Passing Week Makes Seth Of A Distant Memory Then She Meets Sweet, Charming Jude, Whose Life Seems To Be On Permanent Hold Even Before He Receives Devastating News Of His Own To Both Of Them, Their Chance Encounter Feels Like Fate, And With Summer S Encouragement Jude Embarks On A Bucket List Of Experiences That Seem To Bond Them For LifeWhen They Re Together, The World Is Alive With Possibilities, But As Christmas Approaches, Their Time Is Running Out In Ways Than One Will They Return To The Lives They Left Behind Or Take A Chance On An Unknown Future

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    Heartbreaking, yet tender passion flows like a river in this book with easy to relate to characters that make you undoubtedly say, what if this was me What would I do Lyrical, rhythmic plot gives this story a 5 5 stars from me for allowing to me to think of the what if s that we often don t ponder in this life.

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    Received an Advance Reader Copy in exchange for a fair review A quick, entertaining read, despite featuring a wounded hero with very serious issues, Christmas at the Lighthouse balances between a light, humorous tone, helped by a nurturing, optimistic heroine and the Jersey Island getaway setting, and darker, dramatic tones, due to said looming ticking clock Perhaps Jude s earlier indifference felt a bit odd, but I liked watching him shake the monotony of a beige existence and easily fall for Summer, the right heroine, at the right place and time.There were a lot of secondary characters strategically making the romantic couple s life so much easier, and their HEA includes not a miracle cure but a credible treatment, even if some questions remain kindly unaddressed.

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    What an easy, feel good book to read A hugely random meeting between summer and Jude in Jersey turns into a beautiful love story Jude is suddenly having to embrace every minute of his life following life changing news However the random meeting of summer, who is taking a marriage break, leads to a deep relationship and grasping living life to the full A really l9vely read that is not too Christmasy and can be read at any time of the year.

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    Wow, this is quite the journey of Jude and Summer Summer s husband Seth tells her he wants a 6 month break from their marriage and she decides to go to Jersey for the six months because her aunt has a cottage there She doesn t understand the reason why her husband all of a sudden wants a break but stays positive They agree not to contact each other for the six months After arriving in Jersey she discovers she took the wrong suitcase at the airport Jude, who has just learned he has a brain tumor and was given a year to live also had the wrong suitcase His friend was a reporter and she reported on the story and Summer say it on the news The two get together to exchange suitcases but discover an instant attraction to each other Jude was looking for a place to stay by the sea and Summer invited him to live with her They start working on Jude s bucket list The book shares their adventures, the things they learn and the ups and downs, and twist and turns of their lives This is the first book I have read by this author but I am going to check out her other books because I enjoyed this one so much Knowing this one was Christmas by the Lighthouse, I hoped that things would work out for Summer and Jude and there would be a miracle But I am not saying if it happened because this book is a wonderful book to read and I want you to enjoy it as much as I did I think telling you if it happened or not would take away from the experience of reading it yourself so grab the book and enjoy the reading Thank you, NetGalley for the ARC.

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    This was such a delightful read This novel involves two people Summer and Jude who are a bit adrift after devastating news for each of them The story is told in alternating points of view alternating from Summer to Jude and back again I really enjoyed this detail as often these kinds of novels are only told from the heroine s POV so it was a nice change to also hear the hero s POV as well The part that doesn t sell for me is this book as a Christmas Novel Sure, Christmas happens during the novel but if you re looking for a sweet book with Christmas being the featured part of the story this isn t it I know it s weird but there s times that I go on Christmas book binges so this would have slightly annoyed me had I bought it banking on it being about the Christmas season Definitely does not take away form the novel in the least but I wanted to put this disclaimer out there just in case Overall this was a very quickly paced novel that while a slight bit predictable was still intriguing enough to keep me tuned in I adore both Summer and Jude and would read further novels that involved them Thank you to NetGalley and Publishing UK for the eARC copy of the novel in exchange for my honest review.

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    Book Review Christmas by the Lighthouse by Rebecca Boxall4 5 Stars I received this book as an ARC from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review Holiday love stories are some of my favorite romance novels to read This story did not disappoint It was a quick read and put a new spin on Christmas in July when I was reading in the 85 degree heat in Chicago this afternoon Loved the cover and drew me in instantly.Summer is a journalist and seems to find the good in everything all the time This may be the first time she can t Summer is devastated when her husband wants to take a break from their marriage So she leaves quickly to the Jersey shore for the six months he s requested Summer settles into her life at the beach, enjoys herself and this life alone Enter Jude Jude is kind, caring, gentle and carrying his own devastating heartbreak When they spend time together, problems melt away Could Summer and Jude have a future together Can they weather another disaster together

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    A big thank you to Lake Union Publishing and Netgalley for offering this ARC in exchange for an honest review Jude and Summer are both going through life changing events A mix up with luggage brings them together and there is instant attraction They have both reached a stage of needing from their lives, than merely existing, than going through the motions and fulfilling duties They find each other when they are both dealing with the worst events in their lives No wasting time for these two.I spent a pleasant afternoon with this easy read, getting drawn into the story of Jude and Summer The writing has a good flow and the story moves along smoothly Even though there are serious subjects being dealt with, the story never gets too maudlin and there is a good balance of optimism to counteract the heavier scenes Nothing is overdone The balance is expertly carried out A thoroughly satisfying read.

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    This is the first book I ve read for this author and I immediately got into the book from the very first page and this is an author I ll be reading again I truly love this story..I was totally Blown Away by Seth deciding he needed 6 months separation because he needed to find himself I mean who does that in a marriage I guess that s just life so summer goes and lives on the beach.And then there s Jude who works at the bank and he gets a really bad headache one day worse than he s ever had and he has to go to the doctor to find out what the results are but I don t want to tell about this book because it s that good and I think everyone should read it I found this book to be really amazing and one I absolutely could not put down I know a lot of people say that about books but that is true about this story I would like to thank the author for writing this book it was a wonderful story so pick up your copy when it comes out and give it a read the author did a wonderful job. I Absolutely Loved This Book I Received a Early arc for a honest review

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    A powerfully, poignant tale of finding yourself I m tempted to say in light of circumstances , but it would perhaps be honest to say because of circumstances Summer and Jude both find themselves in a unique opportunity to redefine who they are and who they want to be be going forward An emotional story of finding the one you love and stopping at nothing to achieve your happy ever after A new to me author and I was delighted at taking the chance I didn t necessarily get the warm, fuzzy, Christmas vibe many Christmas stories provide, but I did get a satisfying, overall clean, love story with a beautiful backdrop and characters who pulled me in from page one I received a complimentary copy of this book Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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    What a lovely quick read devoured in one sitting This book chronicles the lives of Jude and summer, Jude s husband surprises her with the news that he wants a six month break from their marriage so she decamps to her aunts cottage in jersey,Jude is stuck in a dead end job and bored with life in general when he gets devastating life changing news Unexpectedly their paths cross and what could be a depressing difficult time for them both turns into a magical time of discovery,love and happiness Despite a few ups and downs along the way this books delivers a delightful happy ever after ending a perfect feel good read that I would highly recommend.Thank you net galley for this advance copy

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