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Save The Date Caroline Abbott loves her job helping engaged couples pick out the perfect save the date cards and invitations for their dream wedding Working at Noteworthy means she has to deal with the occasional bridezilla, but Caroline s always up for the challenge.Until one particular bridezilla walks into the stationery store who s fianc happens to be the boy Caroline shared her first kiss with Alexander Wilder is all grown up now, helping run his family s successful luxury hotel chain, and is somehow even better looking than she remembers.When Caroline just happens to catch Alex s fianc e half naked with another man well, of course she has to tell Alex Of course, he breaks off his engagement.And of course, the ex bridezilla has gone completely bonkers.At least Caroline has her friends to save her from crazy ex fianc es But she also has the sudden interest of Alex Caroline knows they share a connection, but is he on the rebound Or after seeing her all these years later, does he really want something Free Read Save The Date [ Author ] Monica Murphy [ Kindle ePUB or eBook ] –

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