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ReleaseFrom USA Today Bestselling Author Aly Martinez Comes An Emotional New Standalone Growing Up, Ramsey Stewart Branded My Soul In Ways Time Could Never Heal At Twelve, He Asked Me To Be His Girlfriend At Thirteen, He Gave Me My First Kiss By Sixteen, We D Fallen In Love, Planned A Future Together, And Had Our Eyes Set On The Horizon Love Never Fails, Right But For Ramsey, It Did Love Failed Him I Failed Him The Entire World Failed Him At Seventeen, Ramsey Was Convicted Of Killing The Boy Who Assaulted Me Move On, He Wrote In His First And Only Letter From Prison Start A New Life, He Urged I Don T Love You Any, He Lied There Was No Such Thing As Giving Up On Ramsey Love May Have Been Our Curse, But He Was Mine Then, Now, And Forever So Here I Am, Twelve Long Years Later, Waiting For A Man I Don T Even Know To Emerge From Between The Chain Link Gates

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    5 stars Sometimes you have to let go of the life you planned in order to live the one you re given Aly Martinez writes the best friends to lovers stories They always have so much heart and give me so many feels Some of her older books Fighting Silence especially are some of my favorite romances of all time It s been a while since she wrote a book that gave me those same kind of feels, but Release did just that Ramsey Stewart and Thea Hull meet when they re kids Even though they re young, they re both having an exceptionally bad day Both of them need a friend than they re willing to admit, but Thea wants nothing to do with Ramsey at first With time, though he wears her down We d been disenchanted with the beauty of life since the day we d met But we had each other That was the one constant we needed for happiness They become the best of friends Once they get a little older and hit their middle school years, they become boyfriend girlfriend These two are inseparable and I Loved reading about their past Watching their friendship grow was so beautiful When they re in high school, whats supposed to be one of the best nights of their lives turns into something tragic and traumatic and sets things on a whole different trajectory for them both Though Ramsey is only seventeen, he s sent to prison for over a decade For years, Thea stays true to him She never gives up on him or their love Even though Ramsey is insistent she lets him go and moves on with her life, she can t She can never move past their love For her, there is only him And now that he s released, she s ready to prove it You re mine, Ramsey You can try to fight me You can hate me You can lie to yourself for the rest of your life but wherever you are, however long you re there, you are always mine Thea and Ramsey are both fighters They were both dealt a crappy hand in life, but they always had each other and that made all the difference I loved Thea so much She s definitely going on my top heroines list She s resilient, faithful, and unwavering in her love and devotion Ramsey was amazing as well Though there were times I wanted to shake him, I completely understood why he did the things he did Their story was heart breaking at times, but it was also healing and beautiful This book was sweet, steamy, heartbreaking, and intense and holy mother of plot twists this had one I never saw coming I appreciate being shocked ad surprised in a book and this one got me Martinez has a knack for writing those twists you never see coming and I love that Release is exactly the kind of romance I love It s heavy on the friendship, the romance, and most importantly, the feels This one mad me laugh, cry, and cry some At the end, my heart was whole and so happy This story was stunning and a 5 star favorite from me We were just two halves of one whole, the way it was always supposed to be

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    3.5 3.75 StarsI m not really in the reviewing mood today, but I want to get something up here before I completely forget to do soI am a huge Aly Martinez fan She has penned some of my all time favorites Here are some links to my reviews of said favorites for your perusal, if interested Or just so you know which ones I am talking about reason I list those is because, when I rate books, I rate them against other books within the same genre or, if I have read other books by that same author, against other books by that author That said, being that some of my top favorite 5 star reads PERIOD are by Aly MartinezI kind of feel bad for her when I rate her newer books Because I am basically taking anything new she puts out, holding it up alongside those older favorites and asking myself, Self, do I like new thing as much as my old thing Is it fair and objective Probably not But it s what I do That saidI really liked this book I LOVE childhood friends to lovers books and Martinez rocks that trope like no one else And she rocks it here However, as much as I enjoyed this one and I did I also can t honestly say I loved it as much as other books I have read by herthus why this is not quite a 4 star which is still a really good rating, folks There were just elements of the story that felt a little weak to mesmall things here and there that felt little rushed than I would have liked them to be, and certain character motivations weren t always 100% clear to me I also wanted a little bit steam Regardless, again, I did really enjoy this thing and I think other Martinez fans will also All in all, a great way to kick of my reading year.

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    RELEASE Is a coming of age, full length romance, standalone novel by Aly Martinez Spoken in Dual Perspectives This was the perfect escape away from the silly season, there s nothing I would change about this book, a slow burn that got its hooks into me chapter by chapter, So easy to get into, so hard to put down Oh how I loved these two Soul mates from the age of ten, first kiss, first love, first heartache, first everything An emotional rollercoaster, a twist in the plot that ripped my heart out, lies and deception, and an all consuming love, this book had it all..Release flits from Past to Present seamlessly, allowing us a broader connection with these two characters Eleven year Ramsey and his younger sister Nora were the newcomers to Clovert, moving just doors down from Thea after being evicted from their home WHERE IT ALL BEGAN That saying It comes in 3 s couldn t ring true for our ten year old tomboy heroine, Thea because the day she mourned the passing of her mother sitting under a tree in a neighbouring paddock, she also breaks her leg and says goodbye to her summer holidays all in the same breath But that same day is the day she met a boy, a boy stuck up a tree, he s also the same boy who landed on her falling off said tree and subsequently breaking her leg and from that day forwards that boy played a big part in her life He became her everything, until he was gone Twelve years, eight months, three weeks, four days and thirty seven minutes That was how long he d been gone Teaser used is off the authors facebook page

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    FIVE STARS ARC Generously Provided by Author His lips were soft.His tongue was timid.And his hands were gentle as they glided up my back.Compared to the frenzied passion we d later discover with each other, that kiss was tame.But with that first kiss, Ramsey sealed our promises Promises that would change us for the better, for the worse, and for everything in between Unfortunately for us, not long after that, the worse became all we knew.Get ready to have your mind completely blown once again by the talented Aly Martinez I don t know why I keep forgetting to have my guard up whenever I read one of her stories I thought I knew what road she was planning to take Ramsey and Thea down I was 100% invested in getting to the HEA for this couple because if anyone deserved it, it was these two Life had been entirely too cruel to them for far too long The angst was at an all time high but I m used to that with Aly s books, but MAN, I DID NOT SEE THAT PLOT TWIST COMING Be prepared to be taken through some gut twisting angst but know that the ending is so worth all the pain, but also don t get too comfortable because Aly is going to pull the rug right out from under you Here are my overall ratings Hero 5Heroine 5Plot 5Angst 5Steam 4.5Chemistry Between Hero Heroine 5 RELEASE is available on January 6th Aly Martinez fans will not be disappointed

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    TITLE RELEASEAUTHOR Aly MartinezSERIES StandaloneRELEASE DATE January 5, 2020GENRE Contemporary RomanceTHEMES TROPES Second Chance, Friends to LoversRATING All of the StarsCLIFFHANGER NoREAD MY REVIEW ON THE BLOG live on Jan 2nd Time and timing is the theme that drives RELEASE The time when Ramsay Stewart entered Thea Hull s life The time it took for them to become friends When they shared their first kissed When they went far beyond kissing for the first time And when Ramsey left Thea s side for just a moment and their lives changed yet again And the years that followed after, when Thea was counting every day, every minute, every second, until she would see the man again who told her he didn t love her any Because when I was ten years old, I met a boy I hated him But I needed him like my veins needed blood He broke my leg He broke my patience And eventually he broke my heart But there hasn t been a minute that s passed that I haven t loved him with every single broken shard Thea hated Ramsay when she met him but at that time she would have hated anyone, there was so much bitterness in her Ramsay s smile, his cheerfulness, his persistence of not letting Thea s abrasive behavior drive him away broke through her walls and they became first best friends, then lovers and thennothing The tables have turned and it is now Thea fighting for Ramsay Isn t that beautifully righteous And fight she does Damn that girl can play dirty I loved how she just soldiered on although she was dying inside from the hurt Ramsay delivered because he thought he needed to protect her I m not giving up on you, Ramsey I don t care if you want me to I don t care if it means you ice me out for all of eternity I don t even care that you ve already quit on me I once promised that it was you and me forever Do you remember that You made me swear it Ramsay was perfect for Thea He hid his awful family life and abandonment issues behind a perma smile, took care of everyone and everything who needed him And he paid for it The weeks following his release from prison, his adjustment to life outside his cell was heartbreaking to watch but the author managed to infuse some humor cue Siri that lightened the mood and helped to handle the emotional roller coaster And this is what Aly excels at her stories are perfectly balanced and never drift into the trap of too much angst I can t do this without you Do what He lifted one shoulder in a half shrug Breathe Thea and Ramsay are two of the most resilient people I ve read about in a while they have that survivor s gene that just won t let them give up, no matter how dire the situation looks But I guess, when you know you re fighting for your soul mate there is no such thing as giving up Thea and Ramsay were meant to be but until they were allowed to have their happily ever after my heart took quite a beating But that s Aly Martinez for you she makes you hurt and earn those happy moments She makes sure that you deserve that happy ending when you get there Sometimes you have to let go of the life you planned in order to live the one you re given RELEASE is told in the present and a long flashback in the beginning, that takes up about a third of the story I loved watching Thea and Ramsay s friendship grow into but for a short while I was a little worried that the page time that was left wouldn t be enough to address every thing that needed to be tied up But I shouldn t have worried This book left me satisfied in every way In typical Aly Martinez fashion there is a twist there you don t see coming While you re reading and feeling quite safe and optimistic, all of a sudden you re left reeling and flailing and wondering WTF just happened I LOVE that.If you always wanted to try one of Aly Martinez s books, this is a great place to start RELEASE is a complete standalone with new characters that will give you all the feels, some humor, intense storytelling and a beautiful story about soulmates who deserve their HEA And then Ramsey kissed me, deep and frantic like a boy Gentle and skilled like a man All consuming and claiming like my forever And he did it all tasting like watermelon gum.

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    3 4 STARS 3I really liked this one, I feel like it was a long time since I read a book from Aly Martinez The last book I read was ok but this one was fantastic It was emotional, angsty and heartwarming I loved the romance and the characters were well developed Sometimes you have to let go of the life you planned in order to live the one you re given Get ready for an emotional roller coaster that will keep you on edge I loved their connection and how they make me feel everything Thea and Ramsey have amazing chemistry, they make me swoon and aching for them.Overall, it was a great read, I devour it

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    A guy who is in prison for killing the boy who assaulted the girl he loves.A guy who tells her not to wait for him.But she waits she waits for him for 12 long years. I have been waiting for this book and craving for it for the past months and now, it is free on Kindle Unlimited, yayyyyyyyyy

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    the two of us were a pair of wings One was worthless without the other 5 Stars I loved this one

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    When I first started this book, I had no idea what I was going to get besides heartbreak This author has always managed to give her readers something different while still having a beauty in the story Release is a friends to lovers romance that will give you heartbreak, fill you with hope, and make you believe in the power of love all over again How could one tragedy change the course of your life One significant moment and poof, the life that you knew, is suddenly gone Well for The past twelve years, that has been a reality for Thea and Ramsey After a brutal night that resulted in Ramsey going to prison for that amount of time, Thea is now looking forward to having to having her best friend back in her arms But that s easier said than done because the boy that she once knew, is now a complicated man who wants nothing to do with her There are two things in this world that Ramsey cares about His little sister and a girl who stole his start from the moment he fell out of a tree But when he goes to prison at the age of seventeen for doing something he felt was right at the moment, little did Ramsey know that he was going to spend the next twelve years without the love of his life and that one moment will change his loved ones.It s no secret that that I m a HUGE fan of this author and I truly enjoy her books and this one was no different I loved the dual povs and the past to present was executed beautifully The only thing I would have liked to seen was time in the present and how Thea and Ramsey navigated life After That felt a little too rushed for me and I was a bit disappointed but aside from that, I enjoyed this couple s journey and their love If you re looking for a heartwrenching read, then this one is for you.

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    The plot is good H and h are best friends since childhood and then in love but something happens which ends up with the H going to prison He killed a guy who assaulted her She waited for him for 12 years feeling guilty But after coming out he doesn t want to do anything with her Infact he told her to move on and that he doesn t love her when he was in the prison.The chapters began with how they met and their friendship began and then how he went to the prison And then the present where the H is out on parole He is very clear that he doesn t want the h around But she keeps getting in his way He pushes her away and she keeps trying to get closer Honestly, I m not liking her behavior I think she should have given him some time She shouldn t have gone to pick him up when he was finally coming out of the prison She knew he didn t want her She should have given him some space, let him come out and breath fresh air But no, she is there from the moment he comes out Making him stay in her house, which she shares with his sister Nora, finding jobs for him and all But he really hates all that I don t want to fucking be here with you But thanks to you and Nora and your stupid games, I don t exactly have a choice in the matter I don t want to work for you, Thea I don t want to live in the same house with you I don t want to fucking talk to you So quit with the goddamn jokes and just drive The sooner I can find a job, the sooner this nightmare can be over view spoiler And after all this drama of she trying to get close to him and him pushing her away and actually making her feel like she is the reason he was in the prison it turns out that he didn t even kill that guy His sister did Apparently, she was too assaulted by him But her brother took the blame for her Poor heroine She wasted her life pining for a guy thinking that he killed for her but unfortunately he didn t and was just taking the blame for his sister Amazing Nice book on a brother sister relationship but definitely not the hero and heroine I feel like the h was made a fool by the H And so were the readers hide spoiler

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