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[PDF / Epub] ☄ DAWGS By Diane Trull –

DAWGS We Can All Make A Difference Elementary School Teacher Diane Trull S Life Defining Moment Happened When Her Fourth Grade Reading Class Saw A Photo Of A Cardboard Box Overflowing With Homeless Puppies Trull Was No Stranger To Rescuing Abandoned Animals She And Her Husband Mark Had Made It Their Mission To Find Permanent Homes For Stray Dogs And Cats Now Her Young Students Were Determined To Save These Lost Pups And Others Like Them And In That Moment, The Dalhart Animal Wellness Group And Sanctuary Known As DAWGS Was BornHow Trull And Her Fourth Graders Started Their Own Animal Shelter Is A Story Of Dedication, Commitment, And Perseverance In This Eye Opening, Deeply Personal Book, Trull Describes The Challenges They Faced, From Rescuing And Caring For The Animals To Teaching Children About Compassion And Responsibility, To Facing Local Interests Opposed To Having A Shelter In Their Town She Shares Inspiring Stories About Animals And Animal Lovers Of All Ages In This Moving Story Of Hope And Compassion DAWGS Is A Testament To How Love And A Strong Measure Of Determination Can Offer Second Chances One Animal, One Child, And One Day At A Time

[PDF / Epub] ☄ DAWGS  By Diane Trull –
  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • Diane Trull
  • 15 May 2018
  • 9780806540344

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    This is a true story of a teacher named Diane Trull from Texas.Her 4th grade students suggested they open a place for homeless and abandoned dogs.Her and her husband Mark checked out land and buildings in the city and found a place for the sanctuary.The city council and a lot of people from their town fought them but they were able to get donations and have fundraisers to get it opened.There is a lot of heartwarming stories about dogs and cats they saved.It is still operating to today in a different building.

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    This book was truly amazing on reading the lengths that these kids along with Diane Trull and her family went through in order to have this no kill shelter in a place that was badly needing one It all started with a photo of homeless puppies in a box and it just grew from that Let s just say that they didn t have a easy journey from that moment to where they are now with a city not willing to help to dealing with that Texas Panhandle weather It will make you laugh to have you in tears on the next page for what happens to the animals and the people that care for them I think I loved the little stories on certain pets in the beginning of each chapter on their story and how they were rescued from absolute horrors Also the simple fact of not holding back the really hard stuff on what really happened just made me love this book even , it will be graphic at times but it s what is needed to show everyone what kind of people that are out there that do those horrible things to a creature that just wants to be loved Thank You to Diane Trull for writing this book that showcases what awesome work you are doing for creatures that totally deserve it I voluntarily reviewed this book from the Publisher

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