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The MoonstoneThe Moonstone By Wilkie Collins Is A 19th Century British Epistolary Novel, Generally Considered The First Detective Novel In The English Language.The Moonstone, A Priceless Indian Diamond Which Had Been Brought To England As Spoils Of War, Is Given To Rachel Verrinder On Her Eighteenth Birthday That Very Night, The Stone Is Stolen Suspicion Then Falls On A Hunchbacked Housemaid, On Rachel S Cousin Franklin Blake, On A Troupe Of Mysterious Indian Jugglers, And On Rachel Herself The Phlegmatic Sergeant Cuff Is Called In, And With The Help Of Betteredge, The Robinson Crusoe Reading Loquacious Steward, The Mystery Of The Missing Stone Is Ingeniously Solved.

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    The Moonstone, generally recognized as the first detective novel despite the appearance of The Notting Hill Mystery a few years before , is not only a work of historical importance but also a work that transcends the genre it created, in the artfulness of its plotting, in its compassionate depiction of servants, and in its enlightened resolution of the theme of the British Empire, its crimes and their consequences.Not that I wish to minimize its historical importance The Moonstone is the first certainly the first fully formed detective novel, and it contains within that great first a number of little firsts the first English country house mystery featuring a large guest list of suspects, the first crew of bumbling local policemen mucking about in the evidence, the first detective genius distinguished by an unlikely hobby, the first small, suggestive physical clue a smear on the bottom of a newly painted door , the first effective red herrings I counted at least two , the first attempt at a precise reenactment of the crime at its original scene, and the first pursuit of a disguised criminal through the streets of a major city.But it is the plot, which uses all these firsts to great advantage, that both ast...

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    The Moonstone was published in 1868 and is considered by most people to be the first detective novel Given the novels place in the history of the genre, that alone should put this book on most people s reading lists To sweeten the pot, the plot is compelling, the last hundred pages I couldn t have put the book down for anything I was caught up in the case and wanted to find out the why and the who in the mysterious circumstances surrounding the MOONSTONE.The novel is narrated by several different people My favorite was Gabriel Betteredge, the head servant at the Verinder house, who becomes a reluctant Watson for Detective Cuff during the investigation He is a man convinced in the spiritual guidance of Robinson Crusoe and believes that any disruption in his life can be explained by reading and interpreting passages from his dogeared copy of Defoe s classic In this anxious frame of mind, other men might have ended by working themselves up into a fever I ended in a different way I lit my pipe, and took a turn at Robinson Crusoe Betteredge is a man of his age and his views on women I found so ridiculous as to actually laugh out loud It is a maxim of mine that men being superior creatures are bound to improve women if they can When a woman wants me to do anything I always insist on knowing why The oftener you make them rummage their own minds for a reason, the manageable you will find them in all the relations of life It isn t their fault poor wretches tha...

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    4.5 stars, rounding up, for this 1868 Victorian era mystery, often considered the first English language detective novel Wilkie Collins spins a literary web that starts out slowly but then inexorably pulls you in I finished the last half of the book in one extended readathon He has a gift for writing as vastly different characters, who each take a turn telling or writing their part of the story, and a droll, sometimes very sarcastic sense of humor.In 1799 a British soldier steals a large yellow diamond from a Hindu statute in India, ruthlessly killing three Indian men protecting the statue, and earning himself a curse from one of them in the process He gets a bad reputation as a result and is shunned by his extended family in England So when he dies, he leaves the Moonstone to his niece Rachel whose mother refused to receive him as a guest in her home , knowing he s leaving her not only a 30,000 pound fortune in the jewel, but also a load of potential trouble there s not just the amorphous curse, but three Indian men who have been following the owners of the Moonstone for years and are determined to steal it back, one way or another.Rachel s relative Franklin Blake is entrusted with bringing her the diamond for her 18th birthday, and falls in love with her as he gets to...

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    The following is a recently found letter written by the English author Charles Dickens to his friend Wilkie Collins concerning the latter s newly released 1868 novel The Moonstone Charles Dickens11 Gad s Hill PlaceHingham, KentEnglandNovember 13, 1868Dear Wilkie, I am now pressing my pen against this paper to congratulate you on the success of your excellent new novel, The Moonstone I have just completed reading it and I would like to present you with my opinion that this was, as they say, a true page turner in every sense of the word I am also taking the liberty to take this compliment a step further by stating that this is one of the finest mystery novels of all time I must confess that I have never actually read a book such as this that captures the sensation of a mysterious theft and a thorough investigation that follows it It was a fascinating read throughout as the solution to the mystery was also entirely above my suspicion I also thoroughly enjoyed the use of multi narration where the reader obtains various different viewpoints during the inq...

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    The problem with mysteries for me, anyway, is that I don t care who did it Which is a drawback I just think well, it s one of those characters the author has given a name to, it won t be the fourth man back on the upper deck of the omnibus mentioned briefly on page 211 It will be someone with a name And further, it will be someone who you don t think it will be, because that s the whole point You don t think it s going to be that person so it s a surprise So, if it turns out to be the not obvious person how could the little spinster with the gammy foot batter the ten foot Guardsman to death and scale the west wall on the fateful night Well, she was on Victorian crack is how I say wow, how obvious She was really not obviously the murderer, so she was obviously the murderer However, I really liked Wilkie s novels The Woman in White and No Name, so I read this In a modern detective tale, you have your detective, and there is a detective in this one, but he only occupies a short part of the story, he quickly retires to grow roses, literally, that s not a euphemism for some kind of rent boy scandal, so the rest of the story is made up by narratives from five or six main characters.Now comes the dance of the seven veils.Because if two narrators had been given their voice, the whole novel would have been over in 50 pages You get the longwinded thoughts of all the people who DON T kn...

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    The Moonstone is known as the first detective novel , and it s a cracking one You can see things invented here that were directly borrowed by future writers Holmes overconfidence and his use of London urchins as agents Agatha Christie s exploration of narrative reliability as opposed to Poe s Dupin, which was the first detective story I know, we re splitting hairs.And if the mystery s not enough for you, how about mysterious Oriental cultures Romance Quicksand Opium This is a ludicrously entertaining book, almost on the level of Count of Monte Cristo for sheer kicks Things I Was Super On The Watch For When I Was A Kid And It Turns Out They Are Not Actually Things Alligators Amnesia Chloroform soaked rags Razors in apples Steamrollers QuicksandIt shares with Collins other masterpiece, The Woman in White, a preoccupation with narrative from different sources, in different voices, with varying motives and degrees of reliability Like Woman in White, it s set up like a court case a series of witnesses come forward to tell their part of the story in or less chronological order, while commenting on and insulting each other s narratives Many characters also cite other texts Betteredge is obsessed with Robinson Crusoe Miss Clack carts around a variety of religious tracts, all of which are made up, which sucks because how badly do you want to read Satan in the Hairbrush and A Word With You On Your Cap Ribbons Pretty bad, man and...

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    Though Wilkie Collins was long time friends with Charles Dickens, they had drastically different writing styles, and suffered some rough patches in their relationship In a letter to someone, Dickens talks about his thoughts on The Moonstone The construction is wearisome beyond endurance, and there is a vein of obstinate conceit in it that makes enemies of readers What the heck Who s this Dickens guy, anyway What the heck does he know about writing Sheesh I don t know what book the vaunted Mr Charles Dickens read, but the book I read was absolutely wonderful It was hilarious, entertaining, smart, and everything else that makes a good novel Beyond that, it was especially surprising Being one of the first detective novels, I expected it to be rather dry Maybe a little dull, or outdated feeling Perhaps even a bit shallow and boring I m pleased to say, that it was none of these things For a book written in the mid 1800 s this novel has a remarkably modern feel Though the main plot is a dete...

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    I was torn between giving two stars and three stars to Wilkie Collins s The Moonstone, a book T S Eliot called the first, the longest, and the best of modern English detective novels Longest is perhaps the operative word here, reminding one of Samuel Johnson s comment speaking, in his case, of Milton s Paradise Lost that none ever wished it longer The Moonstone s length, in the end, is its chief and perhaps only major failing Large chunks of the novel seem to drag on and on with few advancements being made to the plot in the process The latter parts of the section narrated by Gabriel Betteredge, chief servant to the Verinder household, and almost all of Drusilla Clack s section really could have used some judicious editing.I suspect, though, that long after I forget what a slog much of The Moonstone was to get through, I ll remember its many charms Betteredge is a particularly fun narrator, given his obsession with Daniel Defoe s Robinson Crusoe a book he treats as a cross between the Holy Bible and Nostradamus s Prophecies and h...

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